dozen men in good suits and women in silk dresses will circulate smoothly among the reporters, spouting confident opinions. They won't be just press agents trying to impart a favorable spin to a routine release. They'll be Spin Doctors."
  -- New York Times, October 1984

Public Relations
Online resources, tools
and information for PR
professionals or people
seeking help with PR.
A variety of online
resources on a wide
variety of marketing
Cool Stuff
A collection of things
Dr. Johnny Spin found on
the Internet and thinks
are cool enough to share.
Pacific Northwest
Dr. Johnny Spin calls
Oregon home and thinks
the PNW is one of the
best places in the world.
Society Stuff
So what's the point in
creating a website if you
can't comment on society? 
Here are some links.
Dr. Johnny Spin
Just a guy who works
with a team of talented
people that turn the
mundane into news!

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