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Check out my 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Series Limo Project
Welcome to TONY'S Website
To those who dont know me:
Hi my Name is Tony and I am obsessed with cars! I cant explain it but I love cars. and by cars I mean REAL cars, not those little hondas and toyotas and such (what us american car guys call RICERS). over the years I have owned a few interesting cars, But the car I love the most, is the DMC DeLorean (otherwise known as the Back To The Future Car). I became quite obsessed with the car early in life. You can hear more of my DeLorean Story, And see actual pictures of my DeLorean, In the
DELOREAN section of my website (click here). I just cant explain it, but I love everything about cars. The way an engine gets it power from a mist of gasoline and a gulp of air. its very interesting to me. anyway heres my website, with a brief (or sometimes not so brief) history of the cars i've owned, Cars im working on, and cars I wish to buy. Check it out
I guess your wondering "Whats with the Cadillac Logo Backround?" Well Thats my next favorite of cars. You must be saying "ahh hes nuts, he just likes all car", And in a way your right. But Cadillac is somthing special to me. I was born in the front of my Dads BRAND new Cadillac Seville With WHITE leather interior, Back in 1984! the car was only a week old and was destroyed by me being born in it, Apparantly my dad didnt drive fast enough to the hospital, but he did make it to the hospitals parking lot, and thats where I was born! So maby now its a little clear as to WHY I love cars so much. you can read more about my Cadillac Obsession and see some of the Caddys I have owned by checking out the CADILLAC section (Click Here)

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