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      On this Home Page you will find a variey of intersting things to read, and to do. I have included links to provide additional information for you.. I hope that they are both helpful and enjoyable for you. If you do not see something you need or want, Write to me and I will endeavor to add it to the page. I hope too, that you will enjoy your visit here and come back soon, as I am making additions and changes almost daily. Since the page was born in March, (1997) it has gone from a few poems and our bio pages to what you will discover inside. In the recent past, as I came nearer and nearer to running out of room here, I have begun working on moving some of my topics to my new webpages. However, everything will always continue to be linked from this page to them, and back. Thank you for making my pages what they are becomig. Everything here comes from my heart and/or has touched it it in one way or another. I am very grateful to my husband for all of his work and dedication to this page. Without his support I could not have made it what it is today ((((HUGS))) This page was created to allow me to share some of my poetry with you. Most come from my book POEMS FROM THE HEART OF DIXIE, which I finally managed to compile and publish during the Fall of '96 . However many have been written during the past year. I also send LOVE, gratitude, and THANKS to everyone that ever inspired me to write a poem or to create a page. YOU know who you are:)) I will pop back here from time to time and change/add to these poems, so please, come back soon. I hope that you will find something here that touches your heart, your life or just you!!

From The Heart of Dixie

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