Pictures of Modified XN Engines
This is the 1971cc engine of the 504 Coupe owned by Ernst Harrach. He drove it in the 2000 London to Sydney Marathon rally. It has twin Weber DCOE carburetors, a 4 into 1 tubular exhaust manifold and alot of other internal modifications. The car was only finished a few days before the start of the rally, so the engine wasn't tuned to it's full potential.
This is the engine of Ove Anderson's 1975 Safari Rally winning 504. It has a 170hp engine with Kugelfischer fuel injection. Notice the much larger throttle body and plenum chamber than a standard 504TI. It also has unique inlet runners, a distributor extension and a tubular exhaust manifold/headers. Notice also the water proofed ignition system and the suspension strut brace.
These 3 photos are of the engine of John Leppard's 504 coupe rally car (it was hard for me to get a good photo, because of the forward hinging bonnet/hood). This engine produces approximately 150hp and 190Nm of torque. It uses two Weber DCOE carburetors, a 505 big bore exhaust manifold, a Kent camshaft profile, welded and reshaped inlet ports and welded combustion chambers to give appropriate squish/quench areas.
This is the engine of the 504 rally car owned by Peugeot mechanics Malcom and Steve Goodwin. It uses two 40mm Weber DCOE carburetors. They are presently building a beautiful 504, with 505 V6 engine and suspension. Hopefully I will be able to put some photos of it here soon.
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