-1968 the PRV group was formed by Peugeot, Renault and Volvo to develop a new 6 cylinder engine
-1974 the PRV 2664cc 90 degree odd-fire V6 debuted in the 504 Coupe with a dual throat carburetor. Soon after, the Volvo 264, Peugeot 604 and Renault 30 were released using this engine. The Renault Alpine A310 was also available with this engine. The 604 used one single throat carburetor and one vacuum operated dual throat carburetor. The Renaults used a dual throat downdraught Weber carburetor. The Volvo used a single SU carburetor which was soon followed by Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection.
-1977 the 604 and 504 coupe became available with the K-Jetronic injected version.
-1978, a 504 V6 Coupe won the Safari Rally of Kenya and the Bandama Rally of the Ivory Coast. The 504 V6 Coupe rally cars were highly modified and used 2 triple throat downdraught Weber carburetors to produce 240hp and 250Nm of torque.
-1979 a 2849cc version became available. This engine was also used in the famous DeLorean.
-1986 an even fire version of the 2849cc V6 replaced the former versions. Renault also used a turbocharged 2458cc version. The Renault Alpine V6 Turbo had 197hp and 290Nm of torque.
-in the late 1980's and early 1990's various 3 litre versions were used in the Peugeot 605, Renault Safrane and other Renault based cars made in the AMC factories of the USA. The most powerful version was the 200hp 24 valve 3 litre fitted to some 605s.

Good Points:
- short stroke
- conrod length to stroke ratio of 2:1, which reduces piston to cylinder wall friction.
- big valves
- reasonably light in weight (for their physical size), and they sit well back in the engine bay, which helps the weight distribution

Bad Points:
- single row timing chain
- bad inlet manifold design on carburetored versions
- inefficient exhaust manifold design
- cam follower operation results in a descrepancy in valve timing between left and right banks. This makes it hard to grind long duration camshafts for this engine. Roller cam followers seem like they would solve the problem (does anyone know if they're available for this engine?). (Does anyone know if the even-fire version has this problem or not?)
- not as light in weight as many people would have you believe (they are heavier than the Peugeot 4 cylinder petrol engines, but not as heavy as the Indenor diesel engines. Unlike the diesel engines, the fact that the V6 engines sit well back in the engine bay compensates for the 20kg-40kg weight gain over the 4 cylinder engines).
- if the V6 is used in conjunction with power steering AND air conditioning, the engine bay can become crowded (a little bit more so on the 504 and 604 than the 505, which has a wider engine bay).
A cross sectional view of the ports of the 2664cc odd-fire PRV V6
A cutaway view of the Renault version of the even-fire PRV V6
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