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Please keep in mind that we have worked very hard to compile the information we have so far for you and we are clearly not done yet. So, please respect what we have and do not steal. Feel free to make your own Rurouni Kenshin fansite, but do not take our exact words We do not claim, to own Rurouni Kenshin or Azumanga Daioh Just this Site.


[1/6/04] I'm adding a new anime!! it is called Peacemaker Kurogane, and it is from ADV manga, and it is about the shinsengumi and the Japanese revoulution, like kenshin! [11/29/04]I added a episode review! woohoo! first one. It is a fly to dreams, season 1. view it HERE do not expect for these to be done in any order. if you have any reviews, email them HERE, with your name and i will put them on the site.if you prefer to remain anonymous, that is fine but i will not post anything without a screen or pen name. also adding bio on me and kris, soon~becca
[11/21/04] hi. check out my friends site, CLICK HERE! it is really cool. it is anime. check it out. you will like it. but come back here because i need the hits. i really want 1000 and then i can apply for an award. so , bye. and visit my site. ~becca
[11/19/04]Terribly sorry we haven't updated in like, forever. Me and kristyn have to now go to the wonder of school. It sucks. OH! found magnet at store, happy bunny! 'school prepares you for the real world. Which also sucks." It is currently residing hapily in my locker at school. Which sucks. Yeah, i am am school now writing thins and i must say, i miss spending the hours on my computer edinting code. And not sarcastic, i really do. Now i do homework. Which sucks. alot. quite greatly, infact. i am woring on getiting more bios done, liek always. but i doubt that i will.
[9/17/04] i'm really sorry everyone my modem card for my computer broke so my internet was down for almost a month. Its back up now, though. but, we have a new Character of the week, Osaka from azumanga daioh. Thank you for visiting. becca.

New: Every week we will feature a charactar from either Rurouni Kenshin or Azumanga Daioh and do there bio and do their mini-gallery to completedness. this weeks charactar is Tomoe. Also, the best pictures we have of them will go on the index page. so thank you for visiting the site. if you have a suggestion for the next charactar of the week, email us HERE. Thanks!
[8/12/04] ok so i have added some fanart and pictures. you get to our index thingy when you click on it, then you can see all the pictures we have so far. not many, but we are working on it. All the fanart so far is by Kristyn, who also runs this site. If we find out, which we will if you do, that you have been taking her fanart or anyone elses and display it without credit, you might as well close down your site, cause we will. Well, that being said enjoy the pictures becase they are amazing.

[7/29/04]The fabulous kristyn has listed out all the episodes of ruruouni kenshin. We will add summaries soon, but they take a while, so be patient. If you have a summary that is in YOUR words, send them here with your name and we will put them in. We are working on adding a guestbook and you will see we have counters, also put in by the fabulous kristyn. so, thanks for visiting our site~

[7/27/04]We have added tomoes bio and some pictures. I(becca) have some fan art by kristyn to put up, and i will. We have designed pages for Rurouni Kenshin and Azumanga Daioh.

[NEW] view the Azumaga Daioh Trailer by clicking HERE. (This is from ADV films, not from becca and kristyn, you can also acsses it at there site.)
[NEW] View the webrings this site is in here thank you!

From Becca and Kristyn:

Thank you for visiting our site. We both are working hard to get it up and running, and we would appreciate anything. we will happily accept fanart as long as you have your name or something similar on it. We will post it exactly as you send it. our EMAIL.

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