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Hi our names are Bandit and Kagome. This site is about us. Please grab a bone and bowl of water and have a great visit.

Bandit ...I was given the name because I stole everyone’s heart when they saw me. I am a long coat Chihuahua with an upside down vampire’s mouth. My favorite pastimes are eating horse and cat poop hence the name potty mouth. I love chasing all the cats in the house. When they are asleep, I run and bark at them causing them to wake up and fly. I love going to the barn and snacking and riding our horse with my mommy. I love the trips to the drive thru’s getting special treats from everyone that sees me.

Kagome ...Was named because my human sister loves anime and one of her favorite shows is called Inuyasha and the girl in there is named Kagome and she is a ditz and so is this little puppy. Well I hope she grows out of her ditz ways soon she is driving all of us nuts! You know what her favorite pastime is…fighting me. That’s right engaging me in a play of fighting. The brat man fights no one! I am a lover not a fighter! This pup had better learn that soon!

Well now enough of that. Go and see all the pages that the site has to offer. We have a slide show of us that will be changed each month. We have a page for comics about us. We have a page with our Bill of Rights.

So enjoy and come back soon and please leave your paw imprint in our guest book.

Love Bandit, Kagome, Debra, and Gloria Jean

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