Be sure to also see Kitty's Lynx II, a page of links to cat organizations, cat health information, etc.

The links on this page are to non-commercial web sites that are owned by cats and/or their humans. Most of them have cat pictures, cat stories, links to other cat pages and other miscellaneous cat information. All of these sites are very nice and will have something of interest for any cat lover.

ATTENTION WEB SITE OWNERS: If you would like your site listed here, please send me an email and I'll be glad to add it! If you would like to provide a link to Kitty Lea's Cozy Cat Corner in your web site then please feel free to do so as I would be most honored and appreciative. Here is my banner, please feel free to download it and add it to your banner links.

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The Three M's' Cat Page - The Home of Mocha, Marmalade, and Muffin.

Louie's Site - Meet Louie and read his story!

Gamma Betty's Home Page - Meet Fuzzy and Zippy!

Meia's Home Page - Meia is a Sealpoint Siamese that has her own web site! You'll want to see the very nice original kitty cartoon artwork that illustrates some cute stories!

Les Chats - This site is from France and includes an English version. Les Chats is French for "the cats", and you'll enjoy this site very much if you like cats!

Cats & Celtic Music - This site is mostly about cats, but also has an interesting page about Celtic Music. Meet kitties Eric and Ernie. You'll find Cat Book Reviews, a very nice Cat Healthfile, and much more!

Cats'n'Kittens - Here is an exceptionally delightful site. There's lots to see here. Plan on staying a while, you won't want to miss any of this interesting site from Poland! Webmasters will find a nice selection of cat graphics for their websites.

Nancy's "Spay/Neuter - Save A Life" - Home of the Save a Life Award, dedicated to all the unwanted homeless cats in the world. This excellent site has a large selection of useful links, information about spay/neutering, feral cats, pet loss and much, much more. If you like cats you must see this site!

Feline Information Page - As you might guess by the title, you will find a lot of cat info here! This is another very nice feline site!

Very nice cat-oriented site with an emphasis on cat health. Also tributes, photos, causes, and more.

Zena, Scraps, and Bonique
The Girls - Zena, Scraps, and Bonique
Meet Zena, Scraps, and Bonique at their very delightful site. This is a very nice site, built with a lot of love. You will also meet a very special Rainbow Bridge Kitty, Bo. If you have a pet at Rainbow Bridge, you can add your pet's picture and tribute to Bo's Special Rainbow Angels Pages.

Pawprints & Purrs
Pawprints and Purrs
Visit the home of the Bachman Kiddens. Lots excellent browsing here for any cat lover. This large and excellent site is dedicated to animal welfare, and promotes spay/neuter and pet owner responsibility.

Minnie's Menagerie
Minnie's Menagerie
A wonderful collection of cats and their photos - with great tunes and graphics! Changes frequently with new pictures. Cat lover's delight. A must for all animal lovers!

Jeff & Diane's Cat House
Jeff and Diane's Cat House
Another very nice site! This is a very large and enjoyable site. Includes lots of cat health information.

Lots of health information, poetry, humor, cartoons, kitty greeting cards, and LOTS more.

The BratCats
Meet Maxine and let her tell you about her kitties Brandee, Marlee, Dondee. Be sure to see the special and moving Rainbow Bridge Page.

Cali's Homepage
This is a very nice site from someone who obviously loves kitties very much.

Ginger the Cyber Cat
Very nice site. Links to sound, music, graphics and cat sites.

Dani's Banner
Dani's Home Page
This page is dedicated to the kitties in Dani's life, Mokey, Ralph, Cleo, and Frisbee. They are all very sweet and I know you'll enjoy reading about them and seeing their pictures.

Booboo and Riley's Cat Page
I'm sure you'll enjoy meeting Booboo and Riley. They're a couple of real cuties!

Lee Ann's Cat Corner
Meet Precious, Mistic, and Lucky. Please don't miss this especially nice site! Lots of wonderful browsing here!

Aussie Cat Page
The Aussie Cat Page
A very nice cat site. This one comes to you from Australia!

Frasier's Home Page
Frasier's Home Page
Meet Frasier and his human, Fran. Don't miss reading Frasier's Story, a touching story about Frasier and his very special companion, Fran. This is an excellent and growing site that is very enjoyable, lots to see here!

Whiskers - A - GoGo's Home Page
Visit Misha, Malia, Michiko and Marika. This site has a nice collection of links, poems, quotes and a very nice Memorial and Rainbow Bridge Page.

Feline Frenzy
Feline Frenzy
A Puddytat extravaganza! Lots of info, excellent cat pics, lots more!


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