Picture of Blackie


Blackie is now a Rainbow Angel.

He was born in 1982, a year after our first born child. They grew up together and did everything together. He was a beautiful soft black cat. He was the boys' constant companion, always following them around the house and sleeping in their bedrooms. He loved to sit on my husband's lap in the evening. He would make exactly one turn and lay down. There he was content for the duration of the evening. He enjoyed good health until a stroke came upon him his last month of life. The last two weeks were hard on him, he would not eat or drink. It was a hard and sad decision to have to take him to the vets with my son and have him put to sleep. This was done November 9th, 1998. We still can see him in all his favorite spots in the house, especially under anyone's blanket to sleep. God bless you, Blackie.


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