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Skip N Jac Cody
97% Foundation Bred
"Tucker" is a great little stud colt. He has the perfect temperment, disposition, conformation, and great foundation breeding. He is very easy to handle and has had a 9-year-old and 6-year-old playing around him since he was born. He has the striping on his shoulders and zebra striping on his legs with a dorsal stripe. He will be a dark red dun just like his daddy!

Tucker is eligible for
NFQHA, FQHR, FSHR, NRHA, ABHA, and is registered with AQHA. We have very high hopes for Tucker, he should be an Awesome reiner.

His Sire,
Breezy Cody Jac, is a 94% foundation stud that is just starting his career in Reining and already has 4 reining points. He has awesome conformation and is built like a brick wall.

Tucker's Dam,
Skip N Iza, was shown by a 9-year-old and is 100% foundation, making Tucker 97% foundation. From what I've been told and seen, both are Very easy going!

Tucker's full sister can be viewed below along with his sire, dam, grand sire and other champions and point earners behind him! Thank you for stopping by!
Hollywood Jac 86
Mr Barbie Cody Jac
Barbie Cody
Breezy Cody Jac
Carver Cody
Baby Cakes Cody
Two Eyed Mia
Skip N Barb
Mr Skip N Tuff
Ima Tuff Maggie
Skip N Iza
Skip A Barb
Shieka Skip
Shiek A Etta
Breezy Cody Jac
Tucker's sire, has 1 point in reining so far, being shown by a novice rider.
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Currently For Sale
Skip N Iza
Tucker's Dam, shown by a 9-year-old girl, linebred wiescamp breeding.
Mr Barbie Cody Jac
Tucker's Grand-Sire. Unshown do to an injury.
Standing At Stud at:
Christopher Performance Horses
Sire of:
-NRHA Money Earners
-ROM Performance Offspring
-Peformance Point Earners
Skippers King
18 Halter Points, 4 Performance Points, AQHA Champ, Grand Champ at Halter, Calf Roping Winner
Sire Of:
-AQHA Champions
-ROM Earners
-Superior Hltr & Perf Sire
Hollywood Jac 86
80 Performance Points, NRHA World Champ, Money Eaner, Sire of
Hollywood Dun It.
Skipper W
AQHA Legend & Hall of Famer, Grand Champion Halter
Two Eyed Jack
217 Halter Points, 65.5 Halter Points, AQHA Champ, and Hall of Famer.
Joe Cody
10 Halter Points and 46 Performance Points, AQHA Champ, NRHA/AQHA Hall of Famer
Barbara Star
89 Halter Points, AQHA Champion
Easter King
2 Halter Points, 4 Perfomance Points
Unavailable Pictures:
Baby Cakes Cody: 18 Performance Points
Skip A Barb: 20 Performance Points, 37 Halter Points
Skip N Barb: 7 Performance Points, 2 Halter Points
Miss Hollywood: 7 Performance points & ROM
Mr Tuff McCue: 41.5 Performance Points, 35 Halter Points, NCHA Money Earner, Superior Halter & Performance Sire
Miss Barbie Cody Jack
Breeding Information
We Have the Right to Refuse Any Mare for Breeding
We have provided our breeding contract online aswell as other mare care papers and all Tucker's breeding information so that you can go over it and view it more easily and convienent. .

We will be offering several different discounts which are listed below and I will accept some trades.

Multiple Mare Discount:
We offer a multiple mare discount which is the full price for the first mare to be booked and then $50 off each additional mare afterwards.
Bloodline Discount:
There is a HUGE discount for own daughters and Grand-Daughters of Hollywood Jac 86 and Hollywood Dun It, Skip A Barb, Skip N Barb, Joe Cody, Easter King, Easter Gentleman, and Wiescamp mares. There is also a discount for closely linebred mares of the above lines. Please Contact Us and send a pedigree of your mare for more info.
Performance Record Discount:
We offer a discount on mares with an AQHA Performance Record. Please e-mail what your mare has points in and how many in each class.
Colored Mare Discount:
There is a discount on colored Paint mares and colored Quarter Horse mares (I.E.- Dun, Buckskin, Grulla, Palomino, Dunalino, Cremello, Perlino, Overo, Tobiano, Tovero, Ect.)
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