These are the webrings that I belong to:

These are the awards and banners that have been given to me:

I was so pleased to get this award from Rose Marie in Sweden on Aug.9/99.


    I am so happy to display this lovely award Vickie sent me on June 4/99.



Thank you Jim, for this award you gave me May 25/99



This gift was given to me by Surfin granny on March 13/99.Thanks a lot.


Sister MayaTime sent this thank you to all her NetSisters.  


I am proud to display this award  given to me by my NetSister, Rita
on Dec 12/98.


Visit My Net Sister Vera


This banner was sent to me by my NetSister, Domynoe, on Dec.9/98.
Thank you, Domynoe. I feel very honored to have it on my page


I received this award on Feb.4/99 from Winters Wolf. Thank you.


Thank you Sharon for the award you sent me on March 2/99



Thank you Martin for this award given to me on March 7/99.

Bonnie won this award for her Canada pages


Martin made this banner for me Mar.9/99           

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