Newfoundland is Canada's tenth province, having joined the confederation on April 1.1949. It consists of two main areas, the Island of Newfoundland and the Coast of Labrador. It has a total area of just over 156,000 square miles and a population of 551,800 friendly people. My wonderful twelve day visit began when I flew to the capital city of St John's. This is where Canada begins at Mile Zero of the Trans Canada Highway..    



At Cape Spear we found the point that is said to be as far east as one can go and still be in Canada.   

Saint Anthony is where we were able to see some amazing icebergs up close. It probably took them three years to drift down here from Greenland.  














Along the side of the highways you will find small garden patches like this one, making good use of all available  soil.

Or masses of wildflowers such as this.       

Labrador is part of the province so we took a ferry over and drove along the scenic highway. 


Here is the rose colored beach at L'Anse Amour...   

Red Bay is about 85 kilometers  north of the ferry, at the end of the road so we had to turn around and go back.


Back at the small town of Cox's Cove, on the Bay of Islands, population about 800,we found the people made us feel very welcome. Two young boys put on a diving exhibition for us at the waterfall..


We couldn't go home without a good old-fashioned sing-song so some of the people came to our cabin for a "kitchen party" What a wonderful way to end our holiday..


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