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And Then

   I am an impulsive person and don't always stop to think before I speak.

This is my new motto.

Lord, I beg of you,

keep your arm around my shoulder ,and your hand over my big mouth..

. The face in the mirror isn't wrinkled or drawn.

My house isn't dirty, the cobwebs are gone.

My garden looks lovely and so does my lawn.

I think I might never put my glasses back on.

I was born in Manitoba, but have spent most of my life in British Columbia Our provincial bird is the Stellar Jay

,seen here sitting in a Dogwood tree. The Dogwood is the provincial flower.     I have a big extended family. One brother Dan, and four sisters

This is my brother Dan, me, Sisters Dorothy and Ruth in the back row. Margaret and Rosemary in the front.

I have been a widow almost as long as I was a wife. I am the mother of four adult daughters and one adult son. 

.I became a Grandma for the fourteenth time in November /04. This time it is another lovely little girl.  "They are all growing up so fast that I could be a Great-Grandmother before I know it."  

 Now the girls out number the boys.  I have many nieces and nephews and some great nieces and nephews as well, almost too many to count. 

I  have joined a world-wide group called Book crossing Members register their books and label them with a special identity number. This way we can track them as they travel the world. We leave our books out where someone can find them, a park bench, a table in a coffee shop, a doctors office, or anywhere open to the public. We hope that the finder will take the book home to read and make a journal entry, so that we will know that the book is in new hands. Members also trade books or start a Book ray where the book is passed from one member to the next with each participant making an entry when they finish the book.

I wrote this poem for a contest on Bookcrossing, and actually won a prize. A book of course. We do fun things like this.
As I look out my window I scream with delight, the fast falling snow has turned my world white. The children are running and laughing with glee. They build a fat snowman who looks like me. The birds are not singing, they're hiding in fear. A soft footed cat could be drawing near. Spring will soon come. Warm days will appear. But right now I'm wishing that Hawaii was near.

  You can find my "Bookshelf" here.  http://www.bookcrossing.com/mybookshelf


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