The Sidhe

The Sidhe are Annwnan elves - elves in the Seelie/Unseelie tradition. Made immortal by their soul-stones, individual Sidhe are ancient. They are older than most of the ancient dragons found in the Lands of Men. And they are powerful and capricious. The combination is one that most of Annwn would rather avoid.

Sidhe act only for their own amusement. If it amuses them to take a human lover, they can make wonderful fairy-wives. If it amuses them to slowly kill a human, why, they'll do that, too. Completely amoral, Sidhe respect power and little else.

"Birth" of a Sidhe

The soul-energies of the Sidhe are contained in items, such as gold ornaments or, more usually, gems or stones. When a Sidhe dies, these items are salvaged if at all possible, and many are enspelled with contingencies. (The creation of new soul-stones is very difficult and only the greatest Sidhe can do it). The stone is affixed to a baby (usually human) not more than three days old. Gem placement is typically the navel, the earlobe, or the 'third eye'. The energies of the stone permeate the child, creating a new Sidhe. This process takes about ten years to complete. Should the child be recovered and the stone removed before then, the process stops. The child will be somewhat 'elf-touched,' the degree depending on when s/he was rescued. Most great human mages of Annwn come about in this way.

A newly "born" Sidhe recalls past lives as if they were a dream. Personality tends to be rather constant between incarnations although goals and lifestyle may change. If, during these critical formative years, a Sidhe were raised with something like ethics, a tolerable being might result. As the years go on and on, though, they are more and more likely to be found and taken into a Sidhe community, to be "educated."

Life of the Sidhe

0 -10 years (1/2 HD): The young Sidhe has the look of a very fey human child, often unusually tall and intelligent for his/her age. Cantrip and charm abilities manifest. Magic Resistance (MR) is 0.

10-20 years (1 HD): The creature qualifies as a full Sidhe youth. Education usually fills these ten years. Sidhe masters the equivalent of phantasmal force. MR 5%

Magic resistance increases 5% per HD to a max of 75%

2 HD: Audible glamer
3 HD: One Emotion (as per spell), Invisibility
4 HD: Improved Phantasmal Force, Charm Person
5 HD: "Polymorph" illusions - the Sidhe appears to change shape as per the Polymorph spell, but the effect is an illusion and can be disbelieved.
6 HD: Two Emotions
and on up. Higher level abilities are left to the GM's discretion, but Illusion and Enchantment/Charm school spells are most appropriate.

Each ability is usable a number of times per day equal to the Sidhe's HD (except cantrips, which are virtually unlimited).

Sidhe may take the following character classes: fighter, thief, bard. Sidhe mages are usually specialists and are so rare as to almost never be seen. They are responsible for most of the great artifacts of Annwn.

Sidhe fighters may either take multiple specializations or even continued specialization OR work in certain hypnotic or fear-inducing effects into their displays. (Treat as Hypnotic Pattern or Fear spells, usable only against opponents who can see the display. Character selects one or the other at creation).

Sidhe thieves can use their Invisibility ability twice as often as other Sidhe.

Sidhe bards can double their enchantments per day if they work them into their music or poetry.

Sidhe worship no gods. The Sidhe are fairly convinced that they are gods.

Sidhe without a character class get three times the normal number of NWP.

Average Sidhe stats: Str 15 Dex 17 Con 11 Int 15 Wis 8/16* Cha 18 Com 18 Per 15
*Sidhe tend to be either very impulsive or very introspective. Mental Stats (Int, Wis, Cha) tend to remain constant through incarnations. Physical stats (Str, Dex, Con, Com) are different for each body. Perception is part mental (awareness) and part physical (good eyes, ears) and may or may not change (50% chance to reroll)

Special limitations

Sidhe cannot abide the touch of steel or iron. To merely be near it is uncomfortable. To touch it causes 1 hp of damage per round. If a Sidhe is struck by an iron weapon, s/he must save vs poison or take double (weapon) damage only - do not double damage from high Strength, specialization, or magic. Furthermore, Sidhe may not use their innate abilities in rounds in which they have already been stuck by iron.

Sidhe must be invited in, like vampires. Like vampires, they do not hesitate to use their charm ability to facilitate this. They must make a successful Will check to pass through a door warded by iron (say, a horseshoe). The more iron, the more negative penalties to the roll.

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