Guinea Pigs!
Ginea Pigs are cool! They are cheap to feed, they breed very easily- if you like it or not!

We got our ginea pigs at a chook market for about $2 each. In a pet shop they cost about $7. The 4 umm, 'pigs' came together in one cage, and it didn't say what gender they were. When we got home we found that one was a female full of babies ( she was named Mother), and three males ( It, Big Ben and Lil Ben). Lil Ben was traded for a female at the pet shop ( she is a MONSTER and she's called Babe).

We are awaiting 'Ginea piglets' very eagerly.
Big Ben
Ginea pig care.

Ginea Pig food.

Breeding Ginea Pigs

Photos of Ginea pigs.
Cousin It
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