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If you would like to visit the newer website that I am working on and still has a lot of work that needs to be done to it go to
Notice and Advertisement: Attention to the citizens of the state of Texas!! A new anime club called the Chibi Club will soon be coming early 2003! come join and watch anime, do cosply, descuse your favorite anime, fanart constests and so much more! for more information go to:

and yes I am the president but don't be afraid, I wont bite your head off! promise! ^^;; lol
disclaimer: no I think we all know that i don't own Team Rocket, Pokemon or any such anime (gee i wish i did) thats for those high gloriouse kool japanese animators and our *sigh* american dubbers...(did i REALLY have to give them credit?) but i must really give all of the voice actors and actresses lots of credit (Japanese and American) because you all are so great!  I hope to become one someday too!
Over 1000 hits! Thanks alot!
Rockett-Dan Times: Issue 1- March 2003
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