Werewolf: The Apocalypse
      Werewolf is an endless struggle to defeat the wyrm and save Gaia from the tragedy of the Apocalypse. As characters you will form a pack  (or work alone, but you will be less respected) towards aims which will further Gaia's cause. It is quite likely that your characters at first will get involved in quite a bit of combat (although this is not always the case.) Some chronicles will be based around combat others (like the Glass Walkers) may be more based upon politcs backed up by violence.
      Werewolf is very much involved with the feelings of isolation and feelings that you do not belong, not with your mortal family or wolf pack. It also quite a bit about the beast within, and an attempt to acknowledge the beast but not to succumb to its whims. If your chronicles are very much slanting towards the all out combat and none of the emotional/spiritual side, then you may want to consider introducing a Child of Gaia to tip the balance back a little.

  Below there will be some sample characters and possible chronicle settings, if you have any ideas for chronicle setting or you have any favourite characters you would like to put on the site, or you just have any comments
e.mail me with reference to WtA.

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