Miscelaneous Links.
John Aridi's Homepage - John Aridi is a science fiction and poetry writer. He has recently finished his first ebook called Every One An Angel. A sample of his work can be found at this page, along with links where his completed work can be found, and a little more about him as a person. Every one an Angel is a recommended read. NEWLY RELEASED!!! Tears of the Stars - Short series of connected Science Fiction stories can be found under the name John S Aridi at http://www.ebooks.uk.net
The Place of Doors -C.I Coral - A young writer and roleplayer. I look forward to seeing some of his completed work. 
www.poetry.com - A poetry web site, with a regular poetry competition. Look under Raven Saterno there's some interesting poetry from our Indram system writer.
Welcome to Idram! - Idram is a fantasy roleplay world brought to you by Raven Saterno. His ebook with the storytellers guide will be out this summer.
www.ebooks.uk.net - An ebook publisher and distributor. They are a good site , varied selection of topics.
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