Live Roleplay FAQ
If you have any questions about LRP from how it works to questions you may want answered by other LRP'ers who may visit this site then e.mail me and I will post up a reply a.s.a.p on this page, Thanks.
Where do you buy your weapons?
I make  my weapons. It is a labour of love, and it just goes to show how much skill it takes to make an even semi realisitc looking weapon. I do it that way because I used to make LRP weapons for a trade. If you are the creative type I would say give it a go, its very satisfying when you see your work completed. If you're making them yourself to save money - then considering all the equipment you would have to buy making one sword you would end up at a loss to buying it from a company.
What weaponsmiths do you recommend?
I used to be a great fan of Forge of Lein before they went their seperate ways. I have a sword they made that  still happily passes weapons checks 4 years after I bought it.  Now, I would have to say, shop around, go to events, theres usually at least one weaponsmith at each large event. You could find yourself a good weapon, and you have the advantage of being able to see it up close and personal.
What guidelines should you follow when checking out weapons?
When you are checking out a weapon first see if it is well weighted. If you balance the weapon on your index finger you should be able to balance it just above the hilt. It should be easy to weild for its length. If you check the coating on the outside of the weapon - is it isoflex or just latex/paint. You will be able to tell by the shine and possibly paint brush strokes. An isoflexed weapon's paint will last better, and it doesn't need to be covered in talcum powder after every event. Bend the tip slightly, does it have at least enough on the end to bend comfortably, and can you feel a leather or cloth cap over the end of the stick under the foam to stop the stick from breaking through the foam? Is there a glue tip for flexibility? Lastly, test it out on someone, is it too hard, does anything on it not feel stable? That's the basics I look for in a weapon when I am checking one out to buy.
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