Welcome Traveler. Make yourself comfortable. Put up your feet, take a nap. Do
you have time to hear a tale, answer a few questions? Where are you going?
Where are you from? Are you lost, or searching? One thing is certain, whatever
your tale may be, you should read the diaries of our heroes. In them you will find
that someone who has had the worst of lives, or the best of lives, may still turn out
to be important, that a halfling may be as valued as a pureblood. You will also find
that an assasin may be needed to kill a High Priest to save all of the lands.

If you crave adventure, or you want something to spark your interest, enter. But this tale is not for the faint of heart, for many things will happen to keep our heroes from their goal, and some may die. Verdis metrara conditanior. 'May the moon shine bright on you all'.
Already read all of our saga? The visit our sequel and sister site, Changing Destinies 2: A Rise to Power. CD1 is from our heroes point of view, but who hasn't wondered what the villans of the story thought, or how they got to where they are? Well, this is their story, and what you see here will surprise you. Because, what you thought isn't always true, and what you see isnt always the whole story. So, check out their story, and see why exactally Morgan is like he is. I gaurentee you it isn't anything like you expect it to be....

Verdis metrara conditanior
Tristian (Shifted Form)
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