~Irrashai to Cali no peeji~

Minna-san konnichiwa! I'm Cali, your webmistress and humble maker of this page. ^_^ This site will hold (once I've finished it ^.^*) information about me, fanfics I've written, my bishonen gallery, my webpages (scroll to the bottom of this page to see them) and my ever festering anime and japanese obssessions. Saa, enjoy ne? And sign my guestbook! ^-^


Anata wa?

Eye Candy desu wa!

Kuja's showing off again. ^_^

Wai! Yuki-samaa~Aaa! *_*

Japanese Fascination

~Special People~

Jaa ne!

Vinni-kun! *gets shot* ... Itai.

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My fav J-rock singer Gackt with his band. ^_^

~Watashi no Webpeeji~

Already up!

I'm working on it

~Me and 3 of my Best Friends Webpage~

My fav J-rock singer Gackt with his band. ^_^

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