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Hello, everybody. This is a Codename: Kids Next Door fansite. What is Kids Next Door? Well, if you don't know, GET OUTTA HERE! Erm... I mean, if you don't know, it's a cute cartoon about five ten-year-old kids who fight evil adults and their rivals, the Delightful Children from Down the Lane, also known as the DCFDTL. If you want more information about Codename: Kids Next Door and this site, go to the about section.

Yay, finally an update, and it's fun one too! The project that we've been working on for the past year (we mentioned it about nine months ago) is finally finished! Check it out in the other section. It has, like, 16 small pieces of fanart. ^^

Pistachio Love also has a huge update too.


  • March 26th:
    • Added a personality quiz to the other section.
    • Added a Winamp skin to the downloads section.
    • New poll! Last poll's winners were ZOO & FOUNTAIN (39 votes; tie) and RABBIT (23).
  • March 7th:
    • Added a new fanart by Tako!
    • Added a new couple to the romance section (3/the Kid).
    • Updated the weapons listings with a bunch of stuff from KND comics and the KND Gameboy Advance game (Operation: S.O.D.A.).
    • Updated the episodes listings and some character information to include stuff from CAKED-FOUR.
    • FINALLY took down the birthday picture and replaced it with a logo matching the red & orange theme.
    • Added a link to the links section.
    • New poll! Last poll's winners were FUTURE (136 votes), BEACH (107), and POOL (58).
  • December 31st:
    • Made a big update to the weapons section.
    • Made a small update to the romance section.
    • Updated the episode listings.
    • New poll! Last poll's winners were BEACH (127 votes), KASTLE (77), and FAST-FOOD (72).
    • Added two new song lyrics plus another verse to the lyrics section.
    • Added a few more credits in the voices section.
    • Added 3 links to the links section.
    • Updated the about us page.
    • Made some of the character bios more up-to-date.
  • October 11th:
    • Added two new fanart--one by Tako and one by Ika!
    • New poll! Last poll's winners were KISS (54 votes), PINK-EYE (49), and DOGFIGHT (30).

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