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Burgundy Sky's Website

Hi everyone, this website is about me (Norma) it just has photos, links and other useless info
I'm tryint to update it since my time has been spent else where like myspace... so check out

Well I hope you like the website.. give me any suggestions in a email or by signing my guestbook
guest #

All about me...
  Current events, likes, dislikes,etc...
Find out what i've been up to...
check out my new

Photo Album Index
Links to all my pics
From various yrs & settings
check 'em out & tell me which are not working thanx!

No More Tests!
This a site against standardize testing...
join the cause get some free stickers!!
Students Against Testing (SAT)

Buy Posters
I have an affliation with a
poster store, ... so help a poor
college student make some money
buy some posters :)

Links Page
this page has various links to different tools....
check out ... if you're bored...
it also has links to the breast cancer site! click it!

Texas State Unv
The university I attend, check it out!
It recently change its name from Southwest Texas State
I don't care for the name change but sure.. whatever...
I am now living in an apartment with two roomies, its nice :)
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