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No, I'm not deliberately trying to alienate myself.

NameDanielle, and that's all you really need to know.
LocationWestchester, NY. Previously in the Bronx, and briefly relocated to Connecticut before ending up where I am now. I consider myself a New Englander at heart. I hope to move back there one day and move into one of those really old houses with ridiculously low ceilings.
EducationBA in English Literature, with a minor in history, from Western Connecticut State University. I've been thinking about going back to earn my master's in the same, but I want to be sure it's what I really want, and that I'll actually do something with it, if I do. And no, I'm not bragging, just letting you all know that despite my job I do, in fact, have a brain.
JobLet's just say that the job I have now is not what I, in my delusional, juvenile, rose-colored-glasses-wearing-too-dumb-to-know-better years, envisioned myself doing. I am severely underpaid and underappreciated for the amount of work I have to do and the stress I am put through. I have a severe inferiority complex about my work and quite frankly, I am afraid to move forward and on to something better. I don't know why, but I quite literally feel like I'm chained to the floor, unable to move...only I have the key to the lock in my pocket, but for some unknown reason, I just won't let myself use it. If any of that makes sense, or if you even care..
Hobbies/InterestsI'm a class A nerd, I guess. In my spare time I'm usually reading, researching...gosh, pretty much anything to do with books. I enjoy working on my websites because it's an avenue with which I can express myself and stuff I'm interested in. I also believe that writing and constructing these things (even though they are certainly meager by today's design standards) keeps my brain from turning to jelly. I also love going to the movies; it's a real chance for me to escape for a few hours, and lose myself someplace else. When I can I love to get away to museums (even though taking the train down to Manhattan can be a real pain). I'm a perpetual sight-seer...I love looking at things, even if I've seen them a thousand times over. In short, I just like learning and enriching myself. I'm terribly physically inactive (though I hope to change that), but my brain is usually going a mile a minute.
Secret AmbitionI want to an Indiana Jones or something. Or a spy, like Sydney Bristow on "Alias", if it weren't so hazardous to your health. Or a warrior princess, if something like that really existed, and I weren't such a total wimp. I tend to aspire to things, and admire things, that are about as far away from my true self as possible. See, I'm afraid of everything, and I worry about anything and everything constantly, which would make being an archeologist, a spy, or a warrior princess quite impossible.
Places I'd Like To Visit Before I DieEgypt, Rome (and all of Italy), London, Ireland, New Zealand (best scenery in the world, I think). Any place where history is just everywhere.
People I AdmireUnfortunately, I have a tendency to idolize fictional characters and people because the real ones just don't live up to your expectations. If I had to pick a real person, I'd probably choose St. Joan of Arc, because she just wasn't afraid of anything. Or maybe, she was afraid, but she fought for what she believed in anyway, even though she knew she'd get a lot of grief for it. I can't remember who said, but I like the saying that courage isn't the absence of fear; it's the presence of fear and the willingness to act in spite of it. I think that's really smart. I don't see how anyone can't admire someone who's willing to die for what they believe in. I'm not sure I could ever be that brave, but so long as the world keeps having people like her in it, maybe I won't have to.

I also think J.R.R. Tolkien is pretty cool, because I am continually in awe of this incredible world he created, and all the work he put into constructing it. I would give anything to have that kind of ambition and vision.

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