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Welcom to eryn lasgalen. I needed a spiffy name for the site, so I let the Tolkien fan in me have a part in naming it, since his books are filled with all sorts of wonderful and beautiful words. Eryn Lasgalen means "wood of green leaves"; it is the new name of Mirkwood Forest, after it was cleansed following the conclusion of the War of the Ring (yeah, I'm a nerd, what of it?). It should be noted that this is a personal page with a Tolkien-themed name, not a page devoted to the professor and his works (if you were mistakenly directed here thinking that you'd find a Tolkien page, sorry about that, but I do have some good Tolkien links over on the links page. Here's a quick rundown on the site menu to your left:
  • the complete idiot's guide to me - the obligatory "about the webmaster" page that most of these personal sites seem to have these days.
  • fixations - books, people, places, movies, music that seems to have an irrevocable and completely unhealthy hold on my consciousness.
  • favorite quotes - um, that would be, um, quotes that I, uh, like and stuff.
  • my life in pictures - I got a digital camera for Christmas this year, so expect to see lots of pictures of my cat, my house, my room, and other stuff pertaining to me here.
  • bookshelf - I'm a natural born book-geek, so look here to find a list of my favorite books, reccommended stuff, and things I'm reading now.
  • the soapbox - I like to complain, a lot, so any time I get ticked off or bothered by something expect to see it here. That sounds awful negative, doesn't it? I guess I could put a happy thought or two there every once in a while, but don't hold your breath.
  • the screening room - concerning my favorite movies and TV shows.

I am a pervy elf fancier. Go me.
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