"Al Kol Eleh"
(Israeli song by Naomi Shemer)

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(That's the Nirenberg's house in Hebrew)

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Shalom from Beer Sheva, Israel, capital of the Negev Desert. We're Avi, Bari, Shira, Yohai and Yovel Nirenberg. To learn more about us, click on our names.

Avi Bari Shira Yohai Yovel

Now that you've met us all, we'd like you to get to know us:

Family NewsRead our Family News to find out what we've been up to! It may not make the New York Times (or even the Jerusalem Post), but it will certainly give you an idea of what it's like to live with 3 little ones! BooksLooking for a good book? Check out what Bari's been reading at Good Reading! And if you have any good book recommendations for me, please let me know!
Art Work by ShiraCheck out Shira's latest work of art at Shira's Creations! Make sure you visit often, as Shira draws A LOT! Family PicturesVisit our Family Photo Album! This album is divided up by month and will be updated regularly.

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A note about the music on this site: I have chosen a selection of Jewish and Israeli music for our pages. Some of the songs are connected to the theme of the page they appear on (like the holiday music). Others are just songs that I like for one reason or another. All are either traditional Jewish songs, modern Israeli music or songs with Jewish themes.

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