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Last updated July 1, 2006
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
I didn't have any expectations going into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wasn't sure if I would like a remake or not, and I wasn't sure if Johnny Depp would make a better Willy Wonka than Gene Wilder did.  Well, Johnny Depp certainly makes Wonka his own and does quite well in the role. And Freddie Highmore, the kid who plays Charlie, does very well too.  I was overall impressed with the entire film.  It was just strange enough to pull off the remake but it had it's own elements. And that is definitely what makes a good remake. 3 stars out of 4.
Brokeback Mountain
I had heard so many things about this film before I actually got the chance to see it. I had heard about how great and revolutionary it is. And it is a bit of a revolutionary film. It tells the story of two cowboys who end up falling in love with each other and have to live their lives carrying this love with them. I think it is a very telling story about the way some people are treated in society. It was a powerful film, and I left the theater just contemplating it. And I don't know if it is a film that I like, but it is a film I'm glad I had the opportunity to see. I loved the scenery and the way it was shot. I really recommend this film if you want to see a film that is like most you haven't seen before. 3.5 stars out of 4.
King Kong
Peter Jackson has this obsession with epic films. I personally like epic films. It allows the story to develop and they are very rarely rushed films. Often beautifully told. King Kong is an epic that in reality should not be. This was a film I was so excited to see. Everytime I saw a trailer for it I would watch in awe. But this is a film that should have been around two hours long. The beginning was the right length, the end was the right length, but the middle dragged on forever. It was probably a good thing my watch battery was dead because I would have been looking at it far too much. I was bored in the middle. There was little dialogue and little action. A handful of people running around in a jungle for an hour and a half does not entertain me. I need more substance than that. And that is where this film is flawed. It was shot wonderfully. And I was in awe when I should have been, but those moments could have been in it had it been shorter. 2.5 stars out of 4
I am in complete awe of this film. It is truly a work of art. I went in thinking it would be about the actual hostage situation at the Munich games. But it was not. What I got to see was a film about an assassin, who was hired to kill those responsible for what took place in Munich. That, I think, was much more powerful than a film about what happened during the games would have been. Eric Bana thoroughly impressed me in this film. To see the way his character changed throughout it was amazing. He played it perfectly. And I loved the real feeling I got from this film. This is not a film for the faint of heart. This is a real, gritty film, full of the blood you would expect if you were to kill someone. The only part that was off to me in the entire film was the sex scene at the end. It threw me off. I didn't understand why that was put in, it just seemed out of place. Other than that part, this film was fantastic. Probably one of my favorite films to come out recently. 4 stars out of 4
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