His hot breath kissed my neck sending a slight chill down my spine.
  Large droplets of sweat covered our bodies causing his chest to slide smoothly
 over my own.  My hair was plastered to my forehead and neck.  I was looking up 
at my lover the long strands of sweat soaked hair swaying back and forth 
tickling my cheeks.  His beautiful eyes were closed and his mouth was open with 
pleasure as he thrust himself inside of me.  My throbbing organ was rubbing 
against his hard stomach.  The sweat lubricated it causing excruciating pleasure.
  I bit my lower lip to control the pleasure.  His large organ being thrust into 
me and my organ being rubbed with every thrust put me on the edge of exploding.  
He didn't seem to notice he merely continued to plow with a incredible fever.  
In and out, in and out, in and out.  When I felt that like I couldn't take it 
any more he released his seed inside of me and I released mine.  It shot up 
covering both our stomachs and chests.  The gooey liquid felt so good against my 
skin as he lay on top of me.  He gently kissed me as he pulled out.  He rolled 
over onto his side and held me in his strong arms.  I ran my fingers through his 
matted hair.  He smiled and kissed me softly on the lips.  His eyes closed and 
almost immediately he fell asleep.  I laid there looking at him sweetly sleep.  
His face appeared as innocent as a child.  Two weeks ago I wouldn't of thought 
this was possible.
Two weeks earlier...
	I was rather comfortable in bed.  Hell I was down right cozey.  I was 
so comfortable that I hadn't even noticed that my alarmclock had gone off an hour
 earlier and had continued to buzz.  I was balled up in my blankets and my head 
was nestled just perfect on my pillow.  I was content to stay there for the rest 
of eternity.  My mind was on a plane that exists between consciousness and 
unconsciousness.  A place where though you may be awake everything you see or 
hear is very dreamlike.  My eyes wandered about the room.  Everything was very 
familiar but I couldn't recognize anything.  Clothes were all over the floor, 
furniture was over turned, and posters were half torn down.  The person that lives
 here should get a maid or something.  I continued to look around when the door 
opened and a large man walked in.  Oh good maybe he has come to stop that damn 
annoying buzzing sound.  Just my luck I was wrong but only partially.  He did stop 
the buzzing sound but he took the metal object that appeared to have been making 
the sound and threw it.  It hurt quite a bit seeing as it hit me square in the 
	"Ow!," was all I could coherently respond with.  Before actual words could 
begin to form in my head he took one side of the bed and flipped it with me on top.
Next thing I knew I was lying face forward on the floor still wrapped in a blanket
 and a bed on top of me.  I was still quite comfortable and for a moment I 
considered staying there.  I decided against it though, because he might of come
 back.  I rolled the bed off my back and stood up stripping off the blanket as I 
did.  I stood there at my full height before an open window.  The sun felt warm 
against my bare skin.  I stretched and looked at myself.  I then realized I was 
naked and standing in front of an open window that faced the street.
	"Oh well, why should I care?  No one would want to look at me anyway," I 
said to myself with an air of resentment.
	I looked around me at the clothes strewn all over the floor.  I sifted 
through them for a few minutes until I came up with moderately clean pair of boxers
 and pants.  I found a few shirts but they all smelled moldy.  I decided that I 
would try to find a shirt in one of the other rooms.  I slowly waded through the 
ocean of clothes to the door.  I pulled with all of my might to open the door with 
the clothes in the way.  
	I stepped into the dim hallway jumping the hurdle of clothes.  The thick 
carpeting felt nice between my toes.  I pulled closed the door hardly touching it 
as if the room couldn't stand the fresh air any longer.  I crossed the hallway and
 opened the door.  I walked in and continued without pause to the closet doors.  I
 opened the doors wide revealing all of the clothes inside.  I started pulling 
shirts out and looking at them.  I threw those that were not satisfactory on the 
floor behind me.  
	"Ah, this should work," I smiled as I held out a large shirt.  It was a 
black button up shirt with an open collar.  The collar would of revealed the bottom
 of the neck of the person of the proper size but on me it revealed half of my chest.
  I slipped it over my head and admired myself in the mirror.  "This is perfect.  
This is so perfect that he won't mind that I borrowed it.  He doesn't like this 
shirt anyway," I beamed.
	I walked out the door leaving it open.  Why should I close it?  His room could
 use the fresh air.  I hopped down the stairs going so swiftly that I nearly flew into
 the wall at the landing.  I continued down until I reached the last step.  I looked at
 the cold marble floor and then at my bare feet.  Then I scolded myself for not 
wearing socks.  I debated with myself whether to go and get some socks or not.  I heard
 some rustling from the kitchen and my decision was made.  I rushed onto the floor as 
if it was a cold pool.  I thought it might hurt less if I did that but I was wrong.  It
 stung the bottom of my feet and well ... shrinkage.  I stood there for a moment to let
 my body adapt to the cold.  A moment too long apparently because from the kitchen came
 the same person that woke me up.  He stopped right in front of me and then gabbed hold
 of my ear and dragged me back to the kitchen with him.
	"Ow," was all I could get out.  I was rushing behind him to keep from losing my
 ear.  I was about half his size so I had to move twice as fast and he was not dawdling.
	"Now sit down and eat!  If you make me late for work you are going to walk 
home," he said with a rather unpleasant tone.
	"You're taking me to school?" I said quite surprised.
	"Yes I am, mom and dad already left about a half an hour ago.  If you had been 
awake you would be gone by now," his tone not lightening any.
	"Thanks Matt for giving me a ride," I said as humbly and politely as I could.
	"Don't thank me mom said I had to ... when did I give you permission to wear my 
favorite shirt!?" his tone going from an unhappy rumble to an enraged roar.
	"All my shirts are dirty and ... ah ... it looked so good on me and ... ah ... I 
thought that you didn't like this shirt," I explained.
	"Fine keep it but you have to pay for it," he said giving up.
	"You know I don't have any money," I said hoping that he didn't mean what I 
thought he meant.
	"Go into your college fund I don't care.  Just pay for it," I was slightly 
	That settled I looked down at a bowl of liquified cornflakes.  I looked up 
from them to my brother.
	"If you had been up on time they would be fine.  I really don't care if you eat 
or not but I am leaving in fifteen minutes with or without you," he said in a harsh tone
 with a harsher face.
	I looked back down at the bowl.  The next moment I was on the stairs heading to 
my room.  I grabbed a pair of yellow socks I don't think that was the original color but
 I was in a hurry.  I grabbed my bag and ran out the door.  I threw my bag off the top 
landing and ran down the stairs tumbling to the ground.  I quickly retrieved my bag and 
ran to the door.  I slipped on my shoes and slung my bag on my back.  I ran back into 
the kitchen with my laces trailing behind me.  I stood there winded.
	"Good boy now go to the car, come on boy go to the car."
	I felt rather insulted but obeyed knowing that he was not joking when he said he 
would leave me behind.  I walked out to the garage where his car sat alone and untouched 
a high polish shone off of it.  I dared not touch it afraid I might smudge it.  If I did 
I would get a beating from my brother.  I stood next to the door waiting for him to open 
it.  He walked close behind me to ensure that I didn't hurt his baby.  He opened the door 
and sat down slowly so that he could absorb the feel of his car.  I bit my lower lip to 
keep myself from making a face.  He frowned and was probably was considering not letting 
me in but luckily he opened the door.  I stepped in and we were off.
	The car ride there was silent.  He didn't speak and he didn't turn the radio on 
likely saving that pleasure for himself.  I didn't even breath afraid it would upset him 
and he would throw me out of the car.  We approached the school going about fifty and we 
did not seem to be slowing.  I was preparing to do the duck and roll maneuver but a sudden 
stop threw me forward and I was nearly choked by my safety-belt.  He turned towards me with 
a look that said Get the hell out.  So I did and he pulled off before my feat had touched 
the pavement.  At least I am alive was all I could think.  In the back of my mind the 
feeling that to day was not going to be a good day.
	I was sitting in front of the dean's office.  I had been late for first period 
because I had overslept.  I was slightly scared.  I knew all that was going to happen was 
that I was going to get a detention but my dean was frightening.  My dean was an 
African-American Attila the Hun.  A big man that seemed to enjoy intimidating people.  
In general a detestable person it would take fifty navy seals between me and him to get me
 to say to his face.  I sat there for half an hour with sweaty palms and a damp forehead.
	"Simon Green come in," boomed from behind the closed door.  My blood turned to ice
 and my heart had stopped pumping.  I saw myself stand even though I had no control.  I 
watched my legs carry me into his office.  I saw myself pull back a chair and sit down.  
I felt like wetting myself when I looked at him.  He was not happy to see me.
	"Do you know why you are here?"
	"Yes, sir," it was the only name that seemed not to offend him or at least the 
only one short of God.
	"Blah blah blah ... blah blah."
	"Yes sir."
	"Blah blah blah blah blah."
	"No sir," this usually went on for twenty minutes or more.  So I regularly stop 
thinking after his first statement because it is always the same thing.  I always think 
when sitting there I would rather get ten detentions then have to sit here again.  He ended
 with giving me a detention for that afternoon and he sent me to my next class.  I was all 
too happy to oblige.
	I walked into the hallway just in time to get the third hour bell.  My happiness 
quickly faded.  Well the thing was that I had known I was gay for about a year or two now.  
I do quite enjoy seeing cute guys run around in boxers and also naked.  The thing was that 
I enjoyed it too much.  One day one of the guys might notice that I am aroused and quite 
aroused at that.  I lived in a northern suburb of a large city but I lived far enough north 
that it didn't really matter how big the city is.  If I had been openly gay I would of gotten 
the snot beaten out of me everyday.  It had gone to such extremes that a girl friend of mine 
acted as my girlfriend to be certain no one suspected.
	I stood at my gym locker trying not to look at anyone.  I always tried my hardest to 
be the first person in the locker room and the first one out.  That way I could avoid looking
 at anyone.  Today though because I had been in the school office I was late.  Boys running 
around in loose boxers and tight briefs.  I am in big trouble.  The locker room was small and
 crowded with guys.  I couldn't take a step without bumping into or rubbing against some cute
 guy.  They were old enough to attractive forms but young enough to still have the soft smooth
 skin.  I was hard almost immediately.  I walked with my head down.  I tried to imagine that 
I was bumping into ugly pimple covered wretches.  It didn't help much though.  By the time I 
got to my locker I was ready to burst out of my jeans.  I pulled my shirt over my head and 
threw it in my locker hoping to get changed as soon as possible.
	"Hey Simon.  How have you been," came a kind voice and a strong hand on my shoulder.
	It was David Johnson, he was about five eleven, he had long dark hair, an incredible
 body, and what a ...  He was a great guy I guess I would consider him a friend.  We talked 
a lot about unimportant stuff.  I had a huge crush on him but he had no idea.
	"Where have you been?" I asked trying to sound nonchalant.
	"I was down state visiting with some of my family," he said with a slight smile.
	"Was it fun?" I couldn't look at his face he just had such a beautiful body.  Well 
toned muscles and a hint of the sun on his skin.
	"No, it was boring as hell.  I considered walking home a few times," he said with a 
laugh.  He had no problem looking at my face.  I was scrawny and pale and I had a days worth 
of stubble on my face.
	We were dressed by now and the bell for class was about to ring so we ran into the gym 
behind a herd of other guys.  Gym went poorly for me as it usually did.  I never did well in 
the games.  Not that I didn't try it's just that I wasn't any good.  I always get distracted 
by watching the sweaty boys go by.  I felt like a stupid giggling school girl but I couldn't 
help it.  The bell rang and it was time to go.  The class always felt too long but too short at
 the same time.  I drudged toward the locker room in no hurry to be bombarded by flesh again.
	Like most high schools we had the long pipe with multiple shower heads coming out.  
About half a dozen guys to each pipe.  It was always crowded which made me nervous.  I always 
felt uncomfortable being naked around other guys.  Especially at school: what if I gave myself 
	Well we were crowded around the pipe, bumping and rubbing against each other as usual.
  The guys were splashing water and throwing soap at each other.  I tried my best to hide myself.
  I wanted to get clean, get dressed, and get out.  I rarely ever get what I want.
	"Hey Simon you look kinda cute naked," came a laugh from behind me.  I wish that was the
	"Ha ha, very funny," I answered back irritated.
	"Come on, you have to be more secure about yourself man," continued David with a big smile.
	"Shut up," I said as I pushed him away gently.  My hand rested on his hard chest his heat 
flowing over it.  I started to wander downwards, down his abdomen, to his waist and on to his hips.
  Oh my God, what am I doing?  Blood was pumping downward and I felt my organ throbbing.  I have 
to get out of here.
	I quickly pulled back my hand.  I took hold of my throbbing organ in both hands trying to 
hide it.  I ran to the nearest bathroom stall.  My organ was hot and hard in my hands.  I started 
to stroke myself.  At first I went slow up and down, up and down, I continued going faster.  Then 
faster.  I was pumping madly now so close to my goal.
	"Hey man are you alright in there?" came with concern from the other side of the door.
	"Yeah, I'm fine," I answered continuing to stroke myself but trying to keep the strain out 
of my voice.
	"Well I brought your clothes and a towel," he draped them over the side and left.
	I lasted only a few more seconds.  I grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned up the mess.  I 
quickly dried myself off and put on my clothes.  I walked out into the locker room.  My bag sat on 
one of the benches opened and ransacked.  Luckily I don't carry anything valuable in it.  I closed 
it and threw it over my shoulder and went into the hall.
	I had been late for my next class because the bell had rung when I was in the locker room.   
I told my teacher that I had some stomach problems.  He was cool and let it pass.
	Luckily the rest of the day went on with no event.  I merely followed my daily class schedule.
	The last bell; school was over at least for most.  I had to go out and tell Matt why he drove
 here for nothing.
	"Where is your stuff we're leaving," he asked from the seat of his car.
	"I got a detention because I missed first period," I informed him with an apologetic tone.
	"I can't come back so you'll need to find another way home," he answered with a matter of a 
fact tone.  He then rolled up his window and drove off.
	I went back inside to see where I was to be stuck for the afternoon.  I asked the dean's 
secretary and she said that we had Mr. Baker as our retainer.  I went through the halls quickly to get
 there so that I wouldn't get another detention.  I arrived at the room and I heard loud yelling that 
I couldn't make out from behind the door.  I had never met Mr. Baker but I had heard he was supposed 
to be nice.  Maybe they had been wrong.
	I opened the door and the yelling turned into a roar.  Sounds of laughter and lighthearted 
talking filled the room and flooded out the door.  I looked in and saw people sitting on desks talking,
 playing cards, a couple was even making out.
	"Hey Simon sit over here."
	"David what are you doing here?" I asked shocked.
	"I got a detention before I left but never served it," he smiled.
	"Where's the teacher?"
	"Over there," he pointed to a middle aged man sitting on a desk playing poker with half a 
dozen students.
	"I heard he was loose but wow."
	"How long are you here for?"
	"Till tomorrow.  I can't get a ride," I shrugged.
	"I can get you a ride. You can come over to my house and play First Fantasy Fifty."
	"You got F3," I yelled quite excited.
	We ended up talking about the game and similar things for the entire period.
	"I'm going to kick your ass," I yelled while jabbing buttons as quickly as I could.
	"Hey man that sucks ... that's so cheap ... stop cheating," rebutted David.
	"Final move!  Flawless.  I won isn't that great," I smiled hugely.
	"Shut up."
	"But I won."
	"Shut up," he said as he lunged at me.  He had me flat on my back.  He held my shoulders 
down.  He was on top of me his body pressed hard against me.  I rolled over putting me on top and 
the he rolled.  We continued to roll around for a few minutes.  We ended in a similar position to 
the one we started with.  He was on top of me but his chest was pressed against mine.  His face was 
right in front of mine so close that our noses touched.  He was so cute I couldn't help myself.  I 
leaned up an kissed him.  For a moment he was shocked but he then returned the kiss.  It was a deep 
loving kiss that seemed to last only for a moment and an eternity all at the same time.  I put my 
fingers through his silky hair.  He slowly pulled back and left me on the floor.  I laid there dazed 
for a few moments longing for more.  He helped me up and brought me into an embrace.  I felt his 
warmth envelope me.  I leaned in for another kiss but he turned away quickly.  I leaned in again then 
he pushed me away violently.
	"Get out!" I stood there stunned and confused.  "I said get out!" he picked up my bag and 
launched it at me.  I was nearly flattened.
	There was nothing I could do so I left.
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