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       This is a site devoted to Yaoi if you do not know what that is it means
 guy on guy love.  If you are familar with the rating system the story is 
limey but I hope to get more stories and also an art gallery.  I am just 
starting so it may take a bit and if you wish to send me any thing to put up I
 will be happy to. (An example below)
       My computer crashed and I lost all of my files that I was going to
 upload along with having my school work I will be unable to further update
 this site for a while but hopefully soon I will have the ability to do so 
but we will see. (I know it is a run-on sentence so leave me alone).

Stained Glass Stained Glass (My story or parts of)
for anyone that comes to this site here is a new story You Will be Surprised With what can happen
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If you decided To read any of the story I would like some imput for later 
Thank You
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Anipike (a good source of Yoai)
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