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NOTE: The Water Rats pictures were all scanned and tagged by me (except one) so I would appreciate if you asked my permission if you ever want to use them.  Thanks...   :- )

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Water Rats


Frank_Knocker.gif (130953 octets)        Frank_Rach1.gif (316420 octets)       Frank1.jpg (15202 octets)

Frank_Rach3.gif (125735 octets)       Frank_Rach2.gif (128733 octets)

Ladiesman.gif (139735 octets)        Tie.gif (99529 octets)        Frankhummm.gif (195067 octets)



Most of the pictures in this section are a courtesy of Rachel Holloway and I would like to thank her

for her wonderful contribution.  If you are a Water Rats fan, please take a look at her site.



Colin1.jpg (11091 octets)    Colin2.jpg (40167 octets)    Colin4.jpg (39304 octets)    Colin5.jpg (25884 octets)    Colin6.jpg (19713 octets)    

Colin7.jpg (20496 octets)    Frank2.jpg (64558 octets)    Colin8.jpg (148867 octets)    groundzero.jpg (337996 octets)    groundzero2.jpg (238212 octets)

MrReliable1.jpg (12035 octets)     colin_dark.gif (106070 octets)   Colin9.jpg (223228 octets)




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