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About this site

I discovered Colin Friels while watching my first episode of the brilliant Australian TV series Water Rats in which he used to play the character of Frank Holloway.  I immediately fell in love with him as an actor and with his good looks (I’m a female, what can I say…).  Shallow on my part? Totally! 

The idea of dedicating a site to Colin came to me after spending a lot of time around the web trying to find information, pictures and possibly multimedia about him.  Since Colin is considered as an accomplished actor in his adoptive country of Australia, one would think that at least one person Down Under would have thought about building a fan site about him.  Aside from Jaye Reid who is probably his biggest fan, I couldn't find anyone who had done it.

I’m sure he has fans all around the world and I thought it would be a good idea for me to put all the information I have found about him so far in one place, which will probably save some people a lot of headaches!  = )

Alright now, enough with the rambling and on with the show.  There’s isn’t much yet because, well, not much is available about Colin Friels around the Internet or elsewhere and he IS a publicity-shy actor but I will certainly try to improve as time goes by.  Any suggestions and/or extra material you may want to submit are very welcome!





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