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[01/11 - 2001] Todays uppdate: **All lyrics are now up. **StH Music. **Quotes - Sth. **Details/Mistakes  - The Crow.

Ok, now I´ve started to work again...even though it seem to go very slow... I´m fixing with the 'Quotes' section and I have put up Brandon Lee quotes, personal and quotes about him. I will fix quotes from all the Crow movies and the others of Brandons movies. Hopefully I can have it all up by tomorrow [31/10]. By the way... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! :)


I am very sorry that there hasn´t been any updates for a long time now, but I have so much to do all the time... but I thought I would work with the site at the holiday week 44. So look for some new stuff that will pop up around then :)

ALL Crew members of the original movie are now put up!!

Well, right now I´m working as much as I can. I´m in the middle of the update of the Cast members of the Original movie.
Oh, there is so much to do! And so little time! But it´s worth it.

I´m also organizing in the Link section.




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