The Story

Hello friends. I'm sure right now you are wondering "where the hell am I and why do I have to be here?
I mean I've got work in the morning and I shouldn't be wasting precious hours just
staring at pictures of some washed up T.V. stars."

Well, to answer your questions with an air of dignity, Shut Up!

One day while Mike was busy scouring the land for some kind of job, any kind of job.
(Come on people, he can at least try and be funny you gotta give him that) Crow and I finished our twenty third game of James Bond 007 when we came across an Abomination on the Internet.

No, it wasn't that damn dancing Hamster it was something worse much worse.

We stumbled onto Fanfiction!!!

Oh the horror, I cannot continue, your turn Mikels.

As Servo put it, I was busy trying to find work so I could pay for the 'bot's therapy.
As they keep putting it, the stress of having to watch so many bad movie has sent them into a complete mental break down so all they can do is play computer games all day long.

I happened to come home, my shoes catching on fire from the Madison summer
sidewalk when I saw flashing on the computer screen two words any human being is sure to avoid Fan Fiction!

I mean, I've been through some bad movies. Final Sacrafice, The Invasion From Neptune, but this in my house!


I shall continue. Four Score and Seven years ago, we three enbarked on a dangerous mission. A mission that few have ever dared to cross.
We dared to take on the worst fan fiction ever and to subdue it to riffing.
How you ask? How can one man and two robots simply take on the task of bringing down all of the crappy fan based stories that are floating out there on this world wide web?

That's a good question, but so is 'Why is the sky blue?' but I don't know the answer to that so why do you expect me to answer yours huh? What, do you think you're better than me, well bring it on. Come on. You and me. Mano y mano.

Just you, me, and Blablover5!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, hi? Um, yeah, I'm uh Blablover5 and I am here to help these guys (Save me) through this muck called fanfiction (Help).

They unexpectedly showed up at my door one day (Call the cops) and made me an offer I could not refuse (For the love of GOD do SOMETHING).

I am here to be their typist, only Mike can hit the keys and he's to lazy to, their publisher, I gave up trying to explain one to them all eons ago, and their finder of bad fics(If you don't get me out of here I'll go insane!)

So enjoy these fics, specially prepared by me (GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!).


Feedback: Food of the authors.

  1. MST3K of an Incorrigible Voyager Fic (40 KB)

  2. MST3K Get's A Portentous Voyager Script (49 KB)

  3. MST3K Get's Tossed a Short JetC Fic (49 KB)

  4. MST3K of an Absurd Animorph Fic (73 KB)

  5. MST3K of a Mary Sue Whipple (10 KB)

  6. MST3K of Scarlet Barren Area (137 KB)

  7. MST3K of A Twisted Chain Letter (19 KB)

  8. MST3K of a Shitty Star Wars Fic (40 KB)

  9. MST3K of Crossover Territory (201 KB)

  10. MST3K of Stupid Forward Story (6 KB)

  11. MST3K of Last Damn Fic (59 KB)

  12. MST3K of a Lousy LOTR Fic (398 KB) Finished!

  13. MST3K of a Merciless Middle Earth Fic (90 KB) NEW!

  14. MST3K of a Pathetic Potter Fic (95 KB) NEWER!

  15. MST3K of some new fic (? KB) Under Destruction!

  16. MST3K of a Hobbit Quickie (42 KB) New!


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