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SLASH (Colby/Charlie)


Crack until you burst series (MPREG)



SLASH (Gibbs/Ducky) 



Gibbs timeline series (slash)


Man from UNCLE Alternate UNIVERSE

Original Fiction

Stargate verse  


(NCIS, Numb3rs, Sue Thomas: FB EYE, Star Trek, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Harry Potter,
CSI: Miami, The Dukes of Hazard, KnightRider)

Other Fandoms (Hustle, Serenity, The Mentalist, Doctor Who)


Zine Submissions

Year in Review meme - FICTION EDITION 2008

Year in Review meme - FICTION EDITION 2007

Year in Review meme - FICTION EDITION 2006

Numb3rs GEN:

Ouch (Don, Charlie, kidfic)
Charlie's hurt PG

In Search Of Something (Charlie Eppes, GEN)
Instead of collapsing in his garage and locking himself in, he ran PG-13


Numb3rs slash:

Retrogression  (Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes)
Charlie's confused PG-13

Progress and Regress (Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes) NC-17
Charlie and Colby go undercover for an FBI case and Charlie has to come to terms with his past.

No Campfire Needed (Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes, NC-17)
Charlie's feet are cold.

Differently (Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes, PG)
Something woke Colby up from a deep sleep

Intoxicating Love Doesn't Hurt (Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes, PG-13)
Colby was the one who fell off a flight of stairs, not Charlie.


Charlie AU (Charlie's kidnapped as a little boy, NC-17/R) WARNING: pedophilia, self mutilation and child abuse heavy!

Becoming Chase
How did Charlie become Chase Roberts?

Becoming Chase part II
How did Charlie become Chase Roberts?

Being Chase
Who is Chase Roberts? He's on the mend for sure!

Being Chase part II
Chase is on the mend, taking care of his past, looking at the future

Mending Chase
Colby's trying to get through to Chase.

Little Boy Lost (Don, Colby Granger/OMC (Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes))
How much does a life change when you exclude one person? In this AU, Charlie has been kidnapped as a child and has never been found. Don works for the LAPD, Colby and David work for the FBI (just like Megan) with a nutcase who also happens to be Colby's boyfriend.

Little Boy Found (Don, Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes)
Don and Charlie work on their relationship as brothers and try to deal with the changes

Little Boy's Family (Don, Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes)
Don and Charlie try to work it all out. Don learns a valuable lesson


 Crack until you burst series (aka Charlie is pregnant series) (mostly PG-13)

One and one is Three
One and one is two and a half
Three minus one is two
Blubbering Idiot
Two and One is Four (2000+ words) (Ian/Don/Colby, Colby/Charlie, NC-17)
One and three makes one misguided math genius
Two and Two is Four
Happy Birthday Don




Conversation with a muse (Gibbs) 

Another conversation with a muse (a.k.a. the many ways to kill Jenny Shepard)



Reinforcing Ownership (Gibbs/Abby, co-written with azure_chaosazure_chaos)
Abby is in trouble and Gibbs has decided that she needs to be reminded who she belongs to NC-17

Hollis (Gibbs/Mann)
Ducky only wants to be his friend (PG-13)


NCIS SLASH (Gibbs/Ducky)
oneshots, not part of series

The Hippocratic Oath
A plane ride that doesn’t go so smoothly and a naughty Ducky. PG-16

Holiday and Sabbattical
Ducky has a surprise for Jethro and Jethro has a surprise for his lover in return. PG-13

Gibbs has to get ready for his yearly physical. Ducky wants him off the coffee for a couple of hours. NC-17

Hidden Desire (Gibbs/Ducky/Jimmy)
Jimmy has some wild ideas, but he didn't know they'd come true! NC-17

Ducky can be quite a handful when he's concussed on a camping trip. PG-16

Seeing right through you
Gibbs tries to escape Valentines Day PG-13

No Inhibitions (co-written with feenixandashesfeenixandashes)
Gibbs and Ducky accidentally inhale laughing gas. NC-17

Sometimes, there are no black or white areas, but grey ones. Gibbs and Fornell have a deal. PG-13 set after "Family Affair"

A good reason
There was a reason why Gibbs didn't recognize Ducky when he had woken from the coma PG-13 set after "Hiatus"

Eto vse, chto Vy imeyete? (Is that all you’ve got?)
Gibbs has a hard time controlling himself and Ducky's true nature comes forward PWP NC-17

There's a first time for everything
Gibbs never gets sick, or does he? PG-13

Cosas malas suceden en el camino a Mexico (Shit happens down  Mexico way)
Mexico isn't such a paradise at all. Ducky comes to Gibbs' rescue PG-16

Kiss and Say Goodbye
He did say goodbye to one person. Spoilers for Hiatus and Shalom PG-13

Where you lead, I will follow
Ducky had been patient in all these years, and it wouldn't hurt to wait longer PG-16

A bad case of loving you
Gibbs wasn't ready to leave Mexico yet, but he couldn't fight his loneliness. PG-16

Bring me to life
Gibbs is angry PG-16

Body Language   (Part of the Round Robin "Noticing". Click here to read full story)
Oh Abby knows. PG-13

Bzzzz (Gibbs/Ducky, Tim/Abby)
Abby can't sleep. PG-13

All Gibbs needs is a bit of contact PG-16

Something much better (Gibbs/Abby, Gibbs/Ducky)
Abby knows her stuff NC-17

The Stray
Gibbs feels lost after Mexico PG-13

Conversation with a fictional character
Gibbs barges in. Set after Hiatus PG-16

Life Lessons
Gibbs finally tells Hollis that Ducky is the person for him PG-13

Mom and Dad
Gibbs wants no conflict anymore set after Hiatus PG-16

Days gone By
Gibbs hates New Years Eve PG-16

Text Roulette
Text Roulette = Using your mobile [cell] phone write a text message that says “I Love You”, kisses optional. Then close your eyes and scroll through your
phonebook/contacts. Stop randomly and press send without looking. The many consequences that this game can bring. PG-13

Mine! and Yours!
Ducky makes sure Gibbs knows who he belongs to NC-17

Let me warm your heart
One last lesson PG-13

Bad Day
Gibbs has a real bad day PG-13

I spy (McGee, Gibbs/Ducky)
McGee sees something PG-13

Best Friends
Gibbs and his friends PG-13

Questions(Abby, Gibbs/Ducky)
Abby contemplates about when or not to ask questions PG-13

Care of Thou
After an undercover mission, Gibbs needs to be pieced together again PG-13

Bastard  and Echoes
Gibbs is stuck on a case and Ducky faces a ghost from the past PG-16

Much too young to feel this damn old 
Gibbs and Ducky switch roles PG-13

Nothing is impossible
Gibbs really hated hospitals PG-16

He may be a bastard, but he loves it! PG-13

Holding On
It wasn't a concussion this time PG-13

One Man
Why Gibbs keeps a rubber duck in his office drawer. PG

Learning to love 
For a smart man, he still had enough to learn PG-16

Thunderstorm and Lightning Bolts
They all dealt with it in different ways. This was Gibbs' way to cope. PG-16 set after "Judgment Day"

The Way The Bastard Sleeps
Ducky has a chance and he's taking it. PG


NCIS Leroy Jethro Gibbs timeline series:

(simply put, I tried to make an NCIS timeline from the information we got from the show and this is the result)
Bushwhack (part 1)
Recuperating(part 2)
Bad Luck (part 3)
Revelations (part 4)
He should see what they're seeing (part 5)
Mold (part 6)



Man from UNCLE: In the line of...
More information about the series can be found here.

Chapter 1 winter/spring 1938
Chapter 2  spring 1939/June and September 1941
Chapter 3  May/November 1945
Chapter 4  December 1947
Chapter 5  November 1948
Chapter 6  1950
Chapter 7  1951
Chapter 8  1954
Chapter 9  1955
Chapter 10 1956
Chapter 11 October 1957
Chapter 12 1959
Chapter 13 1959
chapter 14  1960
Chapter 15 1960/1968/1980 


Random fandoms:

El amor por una mujer joven agonizante  (CSI: Miami)
TARDIS (Doctor who)
Snotneus (Snotnose)(Hustle)
Lenora (Serenity)
Copper (The Mentalist)


Crossovers slash

The Edge of Happiness (NCIS/Stargate SG-1: Jethro/Jack, Jack/Daniel, Jethro/Ducky)
Daniel is curious to Jack's lover before he came along. PG-16

Strange World  (NCIS/Stargate SG-1: Jethro/Jack, Jack/Daniel, Jethro/Ducky)
Gibbs catches a glimpse of Jack’s oh so secret job when something is terribly messed up! PG-13

Alpha Mike Foxtrot (NCIS/Stargate SG-1: Jack/Jethro)
The life in a "straight jacket" hurts more than you know. NC-17

Seattle (NCIS/Dark Angel: Gibbs/Ducky, Max/Logan)
Gibbs and Ducky have retired to Seattle when an old friend needs Gibbs’ help PG-16

Fanfiction Central  (NCIS/Man from UNCLE/Law and Order: CI/After the Promise/ Mutant X and 5 LJ girls) 
Too silly for words really… the title says all. PG-13

Kick up  and Tie up (NCIS/Man from UNCLE: Shannon Gibbs/ Leroy Jethro Gibbs , Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald Mallard, Donald Mallard/ Nigel, Illya Kuryakin/Napoleon Solo)
Gibbs isn't good at this. He's jealous and he's not PG-16

Giving up on freedom (NCIS/The Pretender: Jarod/Gibbs, Gibbs/Ducky, Jarod/Angelo)
Jarod shows Gibbs how he can give up control, and then goes and find his sick lover NC-17

Fishing and Aftermath  (NCIS/Numb3rs/Sue Thomas: FB Eye)
It's hard to throw a surprise party for someone PG-13

These are the voyages (mostly NCIS, multiple fandom crossover)
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. L. Jethro Gibbs is your captain. PG-13

Dancing in Secrecy (Doctor Who/Torchwood AU)

The Phyisical kind of man (Torchwood/Doctor Who)

Bed Time (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Harry Potter)

Black Orange (Knightrider/Dukes of Hazzard)

Crossovers HET

Enchantment  (NCIS/CSI: Miami) (Ryan/Abby) 
Ryan has lost his heart PG-13


Zine submissions

I've also submitted a short NCIS Gibbs/Ducky fic for the zine, Bolo #2 from Carriage Hill Press. It's an honour to be asked to be in a zine for the first time, and to be in a zine with amazing writers!  It's well worth checking it out guys!


Original fiction: Funny Mixture
part 1: The Ferry to Dover
part 2: A change of occupation
part 3: Trying to Relax
part 4: Insomniac
part 5: First Contact
part 6: Lifting the veil
part 7: If I can dream
part 8: Trouble?
part 9: Off Time
part 10: Oh who are we kidding anyway


Stargate verse (Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis)

Fly me to the... what??? (John Sheppard/OFC, Cameron Mitchell/OFC)
Cam had been begging for a ride in the jumper... John thought it was a good idea so they could become better friends.

Thieves, Wives and Rodney McKay's fault (John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagen, John Sheppard/Jennifer Keller, John Sheppard/OFC, John Sheppard/OFC)
After his release from jail, he had a surprise waiting for him

Leave no man or woman behind (John Sheppard/OFC)
His credo was: Leave no one behind. No man, no woman. Not if he could help it. But what if he was the one being left behind?



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