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Bedford Road - A Sims Saga

NEWS 07/01/03 New Jobs are higly overrated! :( I still cannot play the Sims, and my girlfriends computer stopped working about 4 months ago, so we can't even play it on that. Poo

NEW! 23/10/01 Added 2 new episodes.

NEWS 22/10/01 The Sims is still playing very slow. Imagine watching a video, then pressing "Pause" then "Still Advance" - That's how the Sims Appears on my Computer. I have my new job though, so I might be able to afford an extra 32 Meg of Memory at some point...

NEW! 22/10/01 Added House pictures to the Cast Pages.

NEW! 22/10/01 Changed the Voting page. The voting form was really crap, so now if you want to vote for your favourite character, then just E-Mail me with your vote, and give me your name, and a reason for voting for that character. Simple, yet affective.

NEWS 20/6/01 After installing "Livin' it Large" and "House Party" the game play on my Sims has seriously slowed down. Until I can get some more Memory for my computer, new episodes may be short, with a larger time gap between them.

Welcome to Bedford Road. This is the story of the Sims that live on Bedford Road, and the things that happen in their lives. I am kinda stealing this idea from another site.. although I think that this is more like an inspiration from her idea :) Anyway you can read how her Sims are doing occasionally in her Diary.

I have just revamped this site, so it now has some colour and format. The actual site is still under construction, as you will see if you try to follow some of the links on the left, but the actual story itself is up and running.

Well, I hope you enjoy the story, and if you have any questions or suggestions for me, I can be contacted at

Joseph Gauci

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