Banda, Perm Reg'd
English Mastiffs - Raised Naturally
Located in Ontario, Canada
The difference between ordinary and legendary....
This site has developed into more of a tribute to the many wonderful friends, and their dogs, that I have met since my involvement with this remarkable breed began in 1978. Please enjoy! 
This is also an opportunity to thank all of those people who shared information, and their expertise during my incredible journey in the dog world.
My heartfelt thanks. 
For those of you, wanting to see our Cavaliers, we have a new, separate web site. Please go to:

A proud member of the Canadian Mastiff Club, (; Mastiff Club of America, (; Canadian Kennel Club, (; Georgina Kennel and Obedience Club (; Dog Legislation Council of Canada (
And a trainer at Life's Ruff Dog Training, (
We can be called at: 905-473-5919
What you know, or
What you believe in, or
What you say, is
In the end,of little consequence.
The only consequence is,
What you do.
Banda Mastiffs Logo
by Michelle Scott of Brielle Kennels,
Guelph, Ont.
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13 Puppies have arrived!!!!
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