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My mommy and daddy met each other in the summer of 1991. They got married in June of 1992. I heard them talking about how they wanted me to share my life with them. They talked about it for a long time. Then I saw them going to lots of different doctors over the next 8 years. These doctors were supposed to make me come into this world. Mommy went through many tests and had to take a medication called "Clomiphene" off and on for all these years.

In May of 2000, my mommy met this nice lady doctor named Alisa Furman at the Women's Center at King's Daughters Clinic in Temple, TX. She decided to add another medication to the Clomiphene called
"Metformin". It's actually a medication for people with diabetes. Dr. Furman also performed a laparoscopy on my mommy on June 5, 2000, to check things out .

Then, in late August of 2000, I felt myself being in my mommy's tummy. I was just a little cell then, but I was finally there. Mommy didn't know it right away, but about 2 weeks later, she took a pregnancy test because she had a feeling that something was different. It was positive! Mommy couldn't believe it at first. I tried to tell her: "Mommy, I'm here!", but she didn't believe me. So she went to the doctor's office and had a blood test done. They called her back later that afternoon and told her that she would definitely have a baby... ME!

Date of Birth:
May 8, 2001

Time of Birth:
5:01 p.m.

Place of Birth:
Seton Northwest Hospital
Austin, Texas

Delivered by:
Dr. Sharyl Brasher-Giles
Austin Regional Clinic
Austin, Texas

Made Possible by:
Dr. Alisa A. Furman
King's Daughters Hospital
Temple, Texas

6 lbs., 1 oz.


Hair Color:
Dark Brown

Eye Color:
Light Brown/Hazel

Billy Laroy Woods Jr.
Carmen Ingrid Woods

Paternal: Theresa Hooks
Billy Laroy Woods Sr. (deceased)
Maternal: R.B. & Hannelore Lyons
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