Vicary's Noucky

Ch Vicary's Peachy

Ch Vicary's Up To Glory

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Ch Vicary's US Dollar

Multi Ch Vicary's US Dollar, Peachy's son

World Ch 2001, Eu Ch 2000 & 1999


Peachy, US and Glory

Peachy, US and Glory - best litter at ISC of Holland show 2000


Ch Vicary's Up To Glory

Glory and Aylien


Noucky with Mark Thijs and Ch Lordly M'Buster with Jean Struyf

Noucky as Best Veteran at the ISC of Holland 2000


Peachy at Eurodog 1996 in Luxembourg

Peachy with Yvonne becoming European Champion 1996


Ch Vicary's Xantha at 1 year old

Peachy's granddaughter Ch Vicary's Xantha


I J Ch Vicary's Yogi Bear

I J Ch Vicary's Yogibear, Peachy's grandson


Nl Ch O'Ceallaigh's Young Star

NL & Eu Ch O'Ceallaigh's Young Star, Peachy's granddaughter

Irish Setter of the year 2001 in Holland


O'Ceallaigh's Yo Look At Me

O'Ceallaigh's Yo Look At Me, Peachy's grandson

BIS Brno 2002

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 Photos by Kickie Boman, Katriina Vikstrom and Alenka Pokorn

Last Revised: 26/02/2002

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