Autobiography of a Yogi
Autobiografía de un Yogui

The Original 1946 First Edition

by Paramhansa Yogananda

A site for and by SRF devotees containing the complete text, footnotes and illustrations of this spiritual classic.
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Paramhansa Yogananda: Autobiography of a Yogi
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1. My Parents and Early Life
2. My Mother's Death and the Mystic Amulet
3. The Saint With Two Bodies
4. My Interrupted Flight Toward the Himalayas
5. A "Perfume Saint" Displays His Wonders
6. The Tiger Swami
7. The Levitating Saint
8. India's Great Scientist, J.C. Bose
9. The Blissful Devotee and His Cosmic Romance
10. I Meet My Master, Sri Yukteswar
11. Two Penniless Boys in Brindaban
12. Years in my Master's Hermitage
13. The Sleepless Saint
14. An Experience in Cosmic Consciousness
15. The Cauliflower Robbery
16. Outwitting the Stars
17. Sasi and the Three Sapphires
18. A Mohammedan Wonder-Worker
19. My Master, in Calcutta, Appears in Serampore
20. We Do Not Visit Kashmir
21. We Visit Kashmir
22. The Heart of a Stone Image
23. I Receive My University Degree
24. I Become a Monk of the Swami Order
25. Brother Ananta and Sister Nalini
26. The Science of Kriya Yoga
27. Founding a Yoga School at Ranchi
28. Kashi, Reborn and Rediscovered
29. Rabindranath Tagore and I Compare Schools
30. The Law of Miracles
31. An Interview with the Sacred Mother
32. Rama is Raised from the Dead
33. Babaji, the Yogi-Christ of Modern India
34. Materializing a Palace in the Himalayas
35. The Christlike Life of Lahiri Mahasaya
36. Babaji's Interest in the West
37. I Go to America
38. Luther Burbank -- A Saint Amidst the Roses
39. Therese Neumann, the Catholic Stigmatist
40. I Return to India
41. An Idyl in South India
42. Last Days with My Guru
43. The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar
44. With Mahatma Gandhi at Wardha
45. The Bengali "Joy- Permeated" Mother
46. The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats
47. I Return to the West
48. At Encinitas in California

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