Hello there and welcome to my Biography Page.

I am a British national, currently living and working in Budapest as a freelance teacher of English as a foreign language. I have a Trinity Tesol certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, gained in March 1996 at Goring College of Education, Goring on Sea, plus a 7301 Certificate in Teaching from Brighton College of Further Education, completed in 1995. I got my first full-time post as a teacher of Tesol with the Corvin Mattias Gimnazium Budapest in 1996, working with students aged from 14-19. In 1999 I returned to Budapest, setting up my own company in 2000, through which I deliver freelance courses in General English at all levels, Business English. I also undertake Interview Skills workshops for dentists, doctors and other professionals who need to be able to deal with common interview questions during the job interview in English. My company also allows me to engage in other activities in addition to just teaching, however.

I was born in 1959 in Southampton, England and graduated with a degree in English/Italian literature from the University of Warwick in 1981 - at a time where there were 500 graduates to 1 job. For many years I made a point of being creatively and gainfully unemployed - with varying levels of success in several ventures and areas of interest. In this time, I studied for a part-time diploma in Fine Arts from the Leamington College of FE Leamington Spa, 1985, and a Certificate in Course Materials from Coventry University, 1990, whilst also being involved with a group of artists based Coventry called the Dream Illustrators and then later in Brighton.

Perhaps among one of the most important achievements to come out of this was the creation of a full 78-deck of Tarot cards along with a 40 000 booklet, the card designs of which took more than 10 years to complete. The major arcana were published in a limited edition for collectors of Tarot artwork in 1996 by Adam Mc Clean. However, more recently, I have prepared an updated version of my Pack in its entirety available online, via Gamecrafter. The deck comes with its own box design and a leaflet, whilst the book is available via Blurb - links to these can be found on my Tarot pages.

Most of the Artwork you can see on these pages here, I have grouped my work in 3 main categories: my abstract colour drawings, my abstract mixed-media collage pieces on paper and my large mixed-media pieces, mainly on board. This will take you to a my Artist CV and Artist Statement.

Before leaving the UK, I also used to read the cards and set up astrological charts at different venues all over the country. I also taught astrology as a basic course over a period of two years between 1991 and 1993 at Coventry University as an accredited Open Studies course and successfully completed a correspondence course in astrology in the mid 80's. For more information on this, as well as on my critical stance of astrology, you can follow the link here to my Astrological Pages.

Finally, there are more pen-and-ink artworks on view, as well as my 'bedtime stories' Poison Quill section. Here too will be other articles about books and music of interest to me, along with other more or less creatively poisonous writings. Enter of your own free will....


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