Hello, welcome to my 'Poison Quill' Section. I used to review CD'S here of a gothic/darkwave style, and may still put up the occasional review, as well as interviews with artists/writers of any kind I happen to find interesting. I should perhaps remind some viewers that these pages look more at the 'dark side' of life and in that respect, some of the material here is not actually meant for those of either tender age or tender sensibilities. In other words, both written work and artworks in this section of my site should maybe be categorised as occasionally depicting 'mature' content.

Full-time Dreamers

This is an account of my (mis)adventures after graduating in Thatcher's Britain in 1981. Work itself, it was declared, was now redundant, the work ethic and social appobrium against the hapless 3 million unemployed, apparently not. This piece explores how countercultural life was also full of its own blind spots and inconsistencies and what life was like as a government artist in the 1980's-early 90's.

Bedtime Stories

Here, I probably really have lived up to my moniker, in the best cases at least. Enter here of your own free will, to coin a phrase, and I wish you all sweet dreams...


More artworks. On the one hand, here is a series of artworks created in black and white only, created in the mid 90's, some with loose gothic symbolism: these pieces were featured in certain small zines during my BRV days days. The 'gothic goddeses' I can now only dedicate to Lilith, despite some scepticism on my part to the astrological furore spawned about obscure mathematical points that are probably more related to lowly Earth, Moon and Malkuth than might otherwise be claimed in some quarters. Of those, therefore, immortalised by The Poison Quill.

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