Hello there, and welcome to my astrological pages. You can find links to my articles at the bottom of this page. I should perhaps warn everyone coming here that whilst I am still happy to set up charts for people when asked, I do not really follow the ’party line’ of the mainstream astrological community – hence the expression ’lapsed’ astrologer. In my article at ’Horror stories and Horror-Scopes’ (see below for the link to this page), I will be exploring the reasons for this stance a little more fully.

Nothing here is intended as either an attack on astrology per se, although it is possible that it may come across as that in places – as it might in one or two other articles I have written here, too. Nothing here is intended as my ’last word’ on the subject either – so, some of these articles may occasionally be revised and rewritten, wherever seen appropriate.

So, visitors here can consider themselves warned….

My curiosity about the subject was aroused again after coming across reviews on the internet of books like those by Garry Phillipson, Astrology in the Year Zero, which discuss the continuing hostility towards astrology within scientific/academic circles and just how possible it might be to bring a more scientific approach in working with it. Richard Tarnas seems to say much the same thing in his book, Cosmos and Psyche, though reminding his readers that a totally empirical approach may never do justice to an area of knowledge that should perhaps be treated as much as an art as a science. To say nothing of finding a scientific paradigm that may be more sympathetic to a more holistic way of looking at how the solar system might ’work.’


Then, there were one-paragraph reports I kept coming across whilst reading the the Budapest Metro of ’new planets’ found over various commutes at unspeakably early hours in the morning: mind-boggling indeed when the internet also showed me that in addition to Chiron there were now whole throngs of centuars, Kuiper Belt bodies at the further reaches of the solar system with exotic new names such as ’Varuna’ or ’Quaoar’ and the the icing on the cake – new bodies at least as big or bigger than Pluto! Interesting Times too, to see the speculation on What All This Might Mean, and argued about vociferously and decided upon by astronomers and astrologers alike!


These are all the kinds of thoughts that have stimulated the following; however, as stated before, it should be stated that nothing here is intended as the last word on anything and all the articles here may be susceptible to revision still. The first is a list of books I recommend because I personally found them useful and helpful, at 'Recommended Books.' The second is an article about Phillip K Dick and his books in relation to his chart, along now with that of Mark Twain. I have also written an article about the Sun and the Moon, at 'Sun and Moon symbolism.' This articles is also featured at 'Lunar Living' and you can get to their site from this article. In the light of the new attention to the lunar nodes, I have also written about these too in a new article at ’ 'The Lunar Nodes.' My most recent article is one on the 'Dwarf Planets.'


I have also now completed some new reviews! The first one is on Cosmos and Psyche, the second, Peter Marshall's compendium and History of Astrology called World Astrology and finally, the book on Astro-Carto-Graphy, started by Jim Lewis, but completed by Ken Irving and Erin Sullivan. To these, I have added a critique of Patrick Curry and Roy Willis's piece on Science and Astrology as well as taking a look at Michael Harding's book Hymns to the Ancient Gods. These can be accessed, at ’ 'New Reviews.'


My ’Horror Stories and Horror-Scopes' article can be found here also.


Finally, here is my 'Astrological Profile'' where you can find out how to get in touch with me.







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