Lynda Stevens's Home Page

Lynda Stevens's Home Page

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Hello there. Welcome to what from now on will principally be the home page of The Chalice Tarot Deck. I will in the fullness of time be adding more articles about how my Pack has evolved and where it is going, as well as updating on recent developments. From the link below you'll be able to sample images from both the major and minor arcana as well as reading my interpretation for each card on the same page, too. There's also the opportunity to follow the link to my shop at Gamecrafter, where you can purchase your own copy of the Pack.

I have also chosen to retain my articles on Astrology, as I soon hope to add to the small number of articles I've included here. So stay tuned....

From now on, my artwork can now be viewed at my new website, intended exclusively for my body of mixed-media paintings as well as my drawings, at

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Sample Designs from The Chalice Tarot Deck
Confessions of a Lapsed Astrologer

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