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Hello there. Welcome to my home page. The widget above will take you to my space at Red Bubble, but a lot more of my artwork can also be viewed here, on this site. However, if you follow the link to my art gallery on this page, you will also find out how to view my artwork on larger online galleries.

I have recently created a book at Blurb.com, showcasing the abstract paper collage series of work I have been engaged in from 2005 to the present, titled 'Journey of the Pearl'

More recently I have done the same for my larger pieces set on either board or canvas, in a new catalogue called 'Vistas'

You can also browse samples and read information about my Tarot deck and discover where you can get a copy of it, the news being that the complete and revised version of the deck can now be ordered online, as can the accompanying book. More details on that, along with links, can be found on my Tarot Pages - scroll further down and you will find these!

You can also find my astrological articles via my 'Confessions of a Lapsed Astrologer' link further down.

Then for the initiated, there is my 'Poison Quill' reviews page. I have moved the link to my 'bedtime stories' to this section and my more figurative black-and-white drawings are also here. Welcome, as they say, to my world - or rather, in this case, my nightmare. I hope to include links to the dystopic nightmares of one or two other people known to me - watch this space.

I will be updating this site a little more in the coming weeks - there have been a lot of changes at WebRing and I will be changing and tweaking things a litle more. Yes, really.....

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