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Relationships   The best advice i ever got when i had nothing was the show "Sex in the City"
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Im going to start off by saying I'm no expert, never said I was. At no point in this blog am I making you read my posts or use my advice. The one thing I am asking you to do is listen and think about yourself and your relationships and are u happy. All my information is based on either personal experiences or experiences I have observed and helped. ^_^
Feel free to leave comments and to contact me with your relationship.

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This is the section of my page where people ask me to help and the result hasnt happened yet. It my lil thrill seeker/to be continued, section.

2/22/11   BITCH SAY WHAT? part 1

Recently....i was talking with a group of people and a name came up in conversation of someone i know closely. Lets give them names  (none of these names are ever real names) Well anyway "Justin" is dating "Sabrina" and there relation came up and comments were being made. A friend of Sabrina's claimed that she didnt think it was right that she was using Justin until graduation to get back at her ex and to get back with her ex. Not wanting him to get hurt and not exaclty knowing what to do i told him and he started to realize that patterns in her behaivor. And.......TO BE CONTINUED