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Genealogy Request GEDCOM files.

Trees/index of family history files. Over 4000 individuals with major names LOVE, PERRIN, OLIVER, TOWNE, PERKINS, CHILD, and WILDER.

American History of
the Wilders
English History of
the Wilders
Towne Family History Oliver Family History

Proud member
of Heartland

Heartland Genealogical Society
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history.jpg - 5108 BytesFamily History Links

Visit the sites connected to my family history. Salem witchcraft, Britain, Chautauqua County.

Salem Witch Trials
Danvers area and Rebecca Towne Nurse Homestead
Chautauqua Area, New York

Wilder Celebration (England) in August 1997
The celebration
History and Victorian Tea Party
Pictures of Sulham and Midieval Banquet

Family Album

Family pictures--buildings, reunions, portraits

My Mother's Art

Procelain and writing Alice Willis, completed during her 91 years.


A sampling of some my photographs and links to British sites

Bath Cotswolds Wells York

External Links

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Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door
Britannia My favorite site on England - history, travel/tours and more

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Some genealogy graphics from CS Designs & Cherished Memories

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