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For all of you who don't know, Dolls are little cartoon characters that you can use on chat rooms like our FAVORITE chat room: Onchat! Or for just collecting and looking at cuz they're SO CUTE!

WHOO HOO! IT FINALLY GOT UPDATED!Check out Wonderkins!!! They are tres cool. Go down o the place where you chose where to go and you'll find them! I put a bunch of really wickid dolls in my dolls page and updated it! I hope you like the new ones! And I also made a new page! Check out Amanda and Laina's Page! And these avatars are just a taste. Wait and see more and more dolls coming soon! And feel free to take these pictures, We dont mind! JUST DONT TAKE MY SEXY SUNSHINE ONE OR MY DRAGONLILY ONE. NEVER EVER. MINE. But everything else, yours for the taking! (Except for the ones in My Avatars. Those are the ones that We have spent making tirelessly for your enjoyment. If you want them please ask by e-mailing us at you want me to make you an doll you can e-mail me the facts at, and We'd be glad to make one for you) Have fun! We will update soon! Luv, ~*Sexy Sunshine n Dragonlily*~

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