APRIL 2016



A busy evening. First all agreed that the latest Alton show had been another great success. Roll on the next one in November.

Tonight we had a guest speaker, Ross Farmer from the Surrey club. He gave us a very interesting talk on his Masonic collection. He displayed a tableful of Masonic jewels (medals and badges to you and I). He explained that collecting a lot of the rarer items is not easy as the Masons insist that when a member dies they should be handed back to the lodge. He bought his first one for £30 because he was so impressed with the enamelled picture on it. This started him off and so his collecting began. He explained that the building symbols on the jewls originated from the stonemasons days. Before WW2 a lot of the jewels were handed back to help with the war effort and cardboard ones were issued. They promised to replace these with metal ones after the war but it didn't happen. There is no doubt that, like military medals, when displayed they look very impressive. Many questions were raised by members and Ross has amassed a lot of knowledge on the subject. Mick thanked him and hoped for another of his talks next year.













The large salt glazed brown jug was brought in by Graham, which he picked up at a house clearance.

Bryan bought in the cream pot dish F & H HORNBY. FIRST PRIZE which originated in Richmond. He found several broken bits when digging in that area a few years back but until now never managed a complete one. His other find was the rare WEST END MINERAL WATER CO BASINGSTOKE ginger beer, of which only a handful are known.




Mick brought along the Doulton's Improved Foot Warmer with the London address - GOODBANS STORES HIGH ST CLAPHAM.

Gordon has been doing a bit of digging and the next few finds are all his. The dumpy seltzer from ALLEN & LLOYD ALDERSHOT. A green poison embossed FRANK A ROGERS, BEAUMONT ST, W1. Two small bottles with WD and an arrow on plus THE ONLY GENUINE  DAY & SONS PURIFIED **************** CREWE animal medicine.






George picked up the glass Senior Service jug at a flea market, probably dates around the 1960's.  Steve added a postcard to his personal Day, Son and Hewitt collection, and finally a paper bag with a lovely picture of another animal cure TIPPERS VITALIS printed on the front. 
















The connoisseurs £1 a ticket raffle using prizes bought at the Alton show was held and the winners as follows

Middle Temple sealed wine - Mick

Rock Blue - Dave

Green Warners - Richard

Timothy Whites Lid - Chris

Coloured Pot Lid - Ross (The Speaker)

The evenings competition was for a pictorial hamilton bottle. This attracted 7 entries. Unfortunately I missed photgraphing the. But the results were as follows.

1st John. 2nd Chris. 3rd Mick