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I would like to thank the girls for a wonderful season. I really enjoyed being your assistant coach, and Lynn and Jesse feel the same. You are a great group of players, and it will be fun to watch you progress as you get older.


Closing ceremonies are on Saturday, June 2nd @10:00am. Please be there by 9:30 am, and wear your team shirt (to show team unity). Please bring a Marks-A-Lot black marker, so the shirts can be signed by all. We have our last pizza party after closing ceremonies are complete. Be there!!

Alley Catz News
Well, our first game was a great game! We played the "Hot Chicks with Attitude",and they played a great game. Our girls played AS a TEAM, and it showed.The final score of the game: Alley Catz 6, Hot Chicks with Attitude 2.

March 5, 2001 The Alley Catz played D's Angels tonight. The rain never materialized, so we were able to play our game. The girls were in fine form, and the final score was Alley Catz 11, D's Angels 1.

March 6, 2001The Alley Catz played the Dirty Dozen tonight, and came up against a team that was ready to play.We scored first, but they scored often, and the final score was 9-5, in favor of the Dirty Dozen. We'll get 'em next time!

March 10, 2001 The girls took on The Terminators this afternoon.It was a hard fought game, with the girls starting a rally in the later innings. Unfortunately, there were a few "questionable" calls that ended the rally. The Terminators played a good game, and they got the win. The final score was 7-3, in favor of The Terminators.

March 14, 2001On this night we played the Babes in Blue. Our girls were fired up from the start of the game. The Alley Catz scored early, and kept on scoring throughout the game.The final score of the game was Alley Catz 7, Babes in Blue 1. Let's keep it up, girls!

March 16, 2001Our opponent tonight was the Purple Explosion, and they looked to be a tough team to beat. The Alley Catz came out swingin' in the first inning, and never looked back.Almost everyone on our team got a hit, or ended up on first by virtue of a walk. The game ended up with a score of 10-0, in favor of the Alley Catz. WOW!!

March 17, 2001Our opponent today was The Burgundy Babes.They came ready to play, and were looking for a win.The Alley Catz had come off a great win last night, and carried the momentum through todays game. The girls were so hot, they were radioactive! The final score of the game was Alley Catz 9, the Burgundy Babes 3.

March 20, 2001We played D's Angels for the second time this season.It was a close fought battle, with the lead going back and forth, but when the smoke cleared at the end, it was the Alley Catz on top, 7-5.

March 31, 2001
We resumed playing today, after taking a week off, and our opponent was The Purple Explosion. Both teams came out eager to get started again. The game was close until the end, with lots of great defensive play on both sides of the ball. When it was all said and done, The Purple Explosion won 6-5. We can't wait for the rematch.

April 12th, 2001 We played The Hot Chicks with Attitude for the second time. Our number one pitcher, Monica, only had three outs to give, and she did so, perfectly. Our other two pitchers, Leigha and Annie, kept us in the game until the end. Going in to the last inning, the score was 6-5 in favor of the Hot Chicks with Attitude, and we made a few fielding errors, and gave the game to them, 8-6. On a bright note, we turned a nice double play! We can't wait for he deciding game in the third round, as each team now has won one game.

April 14th, 2001These "hip" Alley Catz went up against the Dirty Dozen for the second time this season. The Dirty Dozen had won the first time we played them. We were determined to "even the score". We did just that, in a closely fought battle, that wasn't decided until the last inning. The Alley Catz won, 7-4. Nice game girls!

April 16th, 2001We played The Terminators tonight, and they came ready to rock. The Terminators went up early 2-0. Our Alley Catz came back though, and went up 4-2, a few innings later. We made some costly infield errors, and again we gave the game to the other team. Hats off to the Terminators pitchers, they pitched a fine game. We will be ready next time, so watch out! The final score was 6-4 , Terminators the winner.

April 21, 2001The Alley Catz faced The Babes in Blue tonight, on a cold windy evening. The Alley Catz got off to a slow start, giving up seven runs early in the game. We staged a middle and late inning comeback, and ended up winning the game, 8-7. I would like to recognize Crystal Davis from the Babes in Blue, who pitched a fine game for them, despite being injured. Great job, Crystal.

April 25, 2001We played the Burgandy Babes on this HOT Wednesday evening. The Babes jumped out to an early lead, and kept going from there! Our Alley Catz were not ready for the outstanding effort put forth by the Burgandy Babes. By the time we knew what hit us, the Babes were leading 11-0. Our girls never quit, though, and by the time the game was finished, we had a rally of our own, which made the final score 11-7, in favor of The Burgandy Babes.

April 28, 2001We went up against D's Angels for the third and final time this season, and we knew it would be a tough game. We had beaten them the first two times we met, so we knew that they would be motivated for this game. We were ready for this game, after having a hard and grueling practice on Friday afternoon, and you know the saying, "Practice makes perfect". We commited very few errors en route to a final score of 10-5. Alley Catz win!

May 1, 2001The mighty Alley Catz had their first game in May against the Purple Explosion. We were definitely fired up for this game! We scored in the first inning to take a 3-0 lead. We scored a few more times throughout the game, and had great pitching from both of our pitchers. The final score of the game was Alley Catz 7, the Purple Explosion 1.

May 5, 2001On this Cinco De Mayo Saturday night, the Alley Catz went up against the tough Hot Chicks with Attitude. Both teams had each won one game in the previous two meetings of our teams. This was the rubber game of the match. It proved to be an exciting game, and a close one at that! The Hot Chicks scored first, getting 2 runs in the first inning. Our Alley Catz made everyone wait, putting together two different rallies ( in two different innings) to even the score at two. The pitchers for both teams were definitely on, and provided a show for everyone in attendance. The Alley Catz had a chance to win the game with two outs in the bottom of the sixth. Monica was sent to home on a shot by Ashly, and was thrown out by a great play by the Hot Chicks. The final score of the game was 2-2. Hats off to the Hot Chicks with Attitude and their coaching and managing staff, they're a class act, and we enjoyed playing against them! Also congratulations to Monica and Monique, both of you pitched a great game.

May 9, 2001 We faced the Dirty Dozen on this Wednesday night. They we looking to win their first game of the final third of the season, and they came out playing hard! We could not get on track during this game, and lost by a score somewhere around 14-5. Great job, Dirty Dozen.

May 12, 2001On this rainy Saturday morning , we faced The Terminators. They had 'terminated us' the last two times we met, but they weren't going to do it this time around. After a hard practice on Friday, the girls responded very well. We played outstanding, and I was so excited that I forgot to get the score of the game. I believe it was around 12-1 ...The Alley Catz the winners.

May 18, 2001We played the Babes in Blue this Friday night, and the girls had to win this game to have a chance at second place. The team did everything brilliantly, and put on a real show. Our offense was pounding out the hits left and right, and the defense only allowed one run to the Babes in Blue. What a game! Final score: Alley Catz 11, Babes in Blue 1.

May 19, 2001We played our final game of the season this morning, and we were up against the Burgandy Babes, who were in the hunt for second place. We came out strong, played solid defense, and kept them scoreless throughout the game. Our offense scored four runs, to make the final game of the Alley Catz a winner, 4-0.


I would like to thank the girls for a wonderful season. I really enjoyed being your assistant coach, and Lynn and Jesse feel the same. You are a great group of players, and it will be fun to watch you progress as you get older.


Closing ceremonies are on Saturday, June 2nd @10:00am. Please be there by 9:30 am, and wear your team shirt (to show team unity). Please bring a Marks-A-Lot black marker, so the shirts can be signed by all. We have our last pizza party after closing ceremonies are complete. Be there!!

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Our Outstanding Players
Our outstanding player this week is Monica Segura.She pitched an outstanding game for us. We had good pitching from Jessica Godinez,too. Holly Blythe got her first hit of the season. The Beckmans, both Leigha and Hanna, played outstanding. Alexys Young was roughed up during the game, but toughed it out, and showed why she's called the "Rocket" on the bases. Annie Maize and Ashly Valle showed off their strong infield skills. Jenessa Carmona and Malerie Wilkins played excellent in the outfield. Reylina Berber hit a screaming line drive, that was caught on a great play by our opponents. Rebecca Cross, who was playing in her FIRST game in Fast Pitch Softball, looked like a veteran player out there. Our team showed outstanding spirit.

March 3rd star player
Our star tonight was Leigha Beckman, who pitched for the first time, in 10 and under softball. She pitched quite well, and was very consistent.Great job, Leigha!

Congratulations to ALL the girls, you all played like All Stars tonight.

March 6th star players
Well, tonight was quite an ordeal. I think that the girls may have been a bit tired from playing too many games in a row.BUT we still had some great performances, one being the HOME RUN hit by Monica Segura. She was "hungry" at the plate all night, and it finally paid off for her, with the EASY round tripper. We had some good relays from our outfield to our infield, and some heads up base runners.Good job, girls.

March 31st star playersWe had a few hitting stars today. Hanna started it off with a home run early in the game, to put us in the lead. We also had ANOTHER round tripper by Monica. Our outfielders Holly,Alexys,Malerie and Reylina all played with enthusiasm. Rebecca (who did a fine job)was filling in at third base for Ashly(who also did great at a new position), who was filling in at shortstop for Annie, who was unable to be at the game. We missed you, Annie...and our platoon of players did great in your absence.With Monica pitching the whole game, Leigha was asked to play first base the entire game, and did so brilliantly. We also had a strong defensive performance put in by Jessica.

I would like to mention that we have a girl out with an injury, and her name is Jenessa. We thank Jenessa for continuing to be part of the team, even as she sits out. Her strong vocal performance in the dugout, and her cheery enthusiasm for the game, made for some loud and wonderful cheers from our dugout. Jenessa was our "Cheer" star of the game. Thank you, Jenessa.

April 12th star playersWe had a heck of a game today. We were without our number one pitcher,Monica, as she only had three outs to give. She got those three outs, and also two home runs! Malerie had an r.b.i., good going Malerie. We had strong pitching performances from both Leigha and Annie, and we had a double play, too! Our infield and outfield made some mistakes this day, but I'm confident that we'll learn from them, right girls?

April 14th star playersWe had so many outstanding plays(and players)in this game, that it's hard to pick a star player. We had contributions from all players, on both offense and defense. We had excellent base running in this game, and it allowed us to win this game. I would like to point out that Alexys had a great hit in this game, a real sharp line drive, that surprised the other team. Alexys, I always knew that you could hit like that...keep it up, Rocket!

April 16th star playersWe had just a few outstanding things happen today, and there were a LOT of errors. One bright spot was Jessica. She walloped the ball into left field, and when the left fielder threw it in to first base, she rounded first and kept on going. She slid into second, all smiles! Way to hustle, Jessica. I would like to point out that Reylina had a nice crack at the ball in the early innings, but was thrown out by a nice defensive play by the other team. Nice try, Reylina. We need aggressive batters. All of you, remember what it says towards the bottom of this web page..."It's your attitude that counts".

April 21st star playersOur Alley Catz got in trouble early against The Babes in Blue.The Babes in Blue came to play, and it took a while for our girls to wake up! We allowed them to take a huge lead during the early innings, by not fielding well, and making costly throwing errors. To the girls credit, we came through and started to score around the third inning. The middle and bottom of our order came to life, and provided us with a much needed boost. Malerie, Reylina,Rebecca, Alexys and Jessica all got on base, or advanced the runners while at the plate. Holly just missed laying down a fine bunt, which was barely foul. Good job , girls.

From being down 0-7, we came back to 4-7 by scoring four runs in an inning. Our girls at the top of the order took the momentum from the other girls and started rallies of their own. Monica, Leigha, Ashly and Hannah all played a part in this game. We came up to bat in the next inning and scored two runs to make the score 6-7. Our next turn at bat produced similar results, with the Alley Catz scoring two more runs, and making the score 8-7, in favor of the Alley Catz. That ended up being the final score of the game. With fine pitching by Monica and timely hits by all the girls, we were able to win.

April 25th star playersWow, we got hit hard in this game, instead of us hitting hard! Credit goes to The Burgandy Babes, who came out fired up and ready to play. They built up a huge lead, and it looked like it was going to be a long evening.

Our Alley Catz weren't going to go out without a fight, and with a huge rally, we at least made the game interesting. We ended up having a seven run comeback, and the final score was 11-7, in favor of the Burgandy Babes. We had a large number of mental errors in this game, and it showed in the final outcome of the game. All of the girls participated in their own way during our comeback, either by cheering loudly, having smart at bats, or getting great hits. Thanks girls, for the effort, and you showed that the "game isn't over 'til it's over".

April 28th star player
What can I say...We had effort and execution from EVERY player today! We had Reylina lay down a bunt so perfect, Jesse almost jumped out of his shoes! Malerie was hitting the ball consistently and hard. Monica pitched just a few outs, but made every one of her pithches count, and she also got on base a few times. Our catcher Hanna caught a foul ball behind home plate, threw out two runners trying to steal, and also joined in the fun by getting on base, too. Leigha, her sister applied the tag at second to one of the runners trying to steal, and she was also on base frequently during the game. Ashly played an outstanding third base, and executed a perfect tag on a runner trying to steal third. She also was excellent at the plate, hitting like we KNEW she COULD!Alexys played strong in the outfield, forcing a girl out at second, with a strong and accurate throw. Holly played strong, and hit the ball well, and scored one of our runs. Jessica played great at short, and made an outstanding effort at a difficult pop fly. She was also on base alot, thanks to smart at bats. Rebecca was "great at the plate" and was on base also. She teamed up with our outfielders for a great game. Annie was our intimidator today. She was fired up in the on deck circle, before each at bat, and she also joined in the fun, being on base a lot.Keep it up girls.

I would like to thank Jenessa again for being in the dugout at the games, even though she can't play, due to her injured foot. She is a great TEAM player, and her efforts at cheering are a BIG reason that we do well. Thanks again, Jenessa. I would also like to thank Jesse, our Head Coach, for all his time and effort spent with our girls. Kudos also go to our Manager, Lynn. We also have a great pair of Chaperones, Debbie and Patty. And thanks to our score keepers, Dirk and James. We couldn't do it without you.

May 1st star player
We had an exciting game tonight, going up against the Purple Explosion. Our pitchers Annie and Monica, did a great job and limited the Purple Explosion to just one run. They also had great hits during the game. Ashly had another great game at third, tagging out another girl trying to steal. She also got into the Alley Catz hitting frenzy. Hanna had a killer game behind the plate, and threw out a girl trying to steal third.She was also a hitter. Jessica played second base, and started a pickle, to get a Purple Explosion runner out between first and second base. Leigha played numerous positions in the infield, and was strong at all of them. Our outfielding crew consisted of Holly, Reylina, Malerie and Rebecca. These girls all had hits during the game, and played their positions solidly. Our resident "mouth of the dugout" (Jenessa) was in fine form, starting and maintaining ear piercing cheers all through the game. Thanks Jenessa, my ears are still ringing! Seriously, Jenessa is a special girl who has the right attitude, even though she can't play with us because of her injury. Keep it up Jenessa, it makes a difference. Alexys couldn't be with us for this game. Hurry back "Rocket", we missed you.

May 5th star players
Wow....What can I say??? This is what ASA softball is all about. It was a real nail biter ( eh Ashly?) that was exciting from the start. We were ready and excited to play this game. Our bats were swinging in this game, by everyone, and the hits were spread all across the batting order. I have to say the star player(s) of this game was the ENTIRE Alley Catz squad. We played TOGETHER, and had a blast . Coach Jesse and I are proud of each and every one of you. Holly, Malerie, and Rebecca...you played great outfield today. Annie and Leigha...what a great effort in the infield. I must say though that we had EXCELLENT performances by Reylina, who got a triple on a bunt. Another triple on a bunt by Jessica, wow! Also by Ashly, who provided the Alley Catz with the chance to win the game in the bottom of the sixth. A fine effort by Hanna who caught a great game, and a big meow to Monica for the six innings of almost perfect pitching! A great job by a great group of girls. Congratulations to both the Alley Catz and the Hot Chicks with Attitude.

May 9th star players
Well, we had a rough game this day, but that's bound to happen I guess. There were some great individual efforts by the girls, but our team( including the coaching staff) just didn't get it done. Well , we win as a team, and we lose as a team. We will come back strong next game. Hats off to the Alley Catz, all of you: Monica, Leigha, Hanna, Holly, Ashly, Alexys, Malerie, Reylina, Annie, Rebecca, Jessica and Jenessa. YOU ARE THE ALLEY CATZ!!

May 12th star players
Our Alley Catz defense was one of the stars of this game, allowing only one run to the Terminators. We had oustanding defense, all over the field. Our offense, both hitting and base running was spectacular today, in spite of the rain. We were hitters! I think the everyone on the team had at least one hit... and we PLAYED as a TEAM. Way to go Alley Catz.

May 18th star players
We played the Babes in Blue this Friday evening. Our Alley Catz needed to win this game to have a chance at second place. Our girls came out relaxed and strong, and played virtually error free softball.We had strong pitching performances from Monica, Annie, and Leigha. We had great hitting from Ashly, Malerie, Alexys, and Hanna. We had great defensive play from Holly, Reylina, Jessica, and Rebecca. The Alley CAtz limited the Babes in Blue to ONE run. The final score of the game was Alley Catz 10, the Babes in Blue 1. Great game girls.

May 19th star players
Well this being our last game of the season, there was a lot of emotion present. Our girls wanted to go out with a bang, and show the league that we were a great team. We were playing the Burgandy Babes, and we wanted to shut them down. We did just that! Everyone on the Alley Catz played to the best of their ability, and the Burgandy Babes never got going. We all played as a team, the Alley Catz team!! The Alley Catz finished the season with a win! The final score was Alley Catz 4, the Burgandy Babes 0.

All the coaching staff and parents would like to thank you for providing us with a great season, and lots of exciting action. The 2001 10 and under second place team is The Alley Catz. They are as follows: Hanna Beckman, Leigha Beckman, Reylina Berber, Holly Blythe, Jenessa Carmona, Rebecca Cross, Jessica Godinez, Annie Maize, Monica Segura, Ashly Valle, Malerie Wilkins, Alexys Young, Thank you all for such a great season, and we wish you the best of luck next year! Sincerely, The coaching staff and parents.

Our Season is finally over...and we finished second. ****Congratulations go to Monica Segura and Hanna Beckman, who were voted to the District All Star team, to represent the Ten and Under girls in tournament play.**** Here are the newest photos from our last game, against the Burgandy Babes.ENJOY!


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