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Monterrey, Mexico, has an impressive collection of very modern buildings but also some art deco premises remain.


Probable former Post Office, under reconstruction, Monterrey, Mexico, exterior, monterreypo6.jpg (137983 bytes)

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monterreypo3.jpg (99442 bytes)

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Nuevo Laredo



Former Post Office, Monterrey, Mexico, closer view, monterreypo4a.jpg (126425 bytes)


Hotel training school, Monterrey, Mexico, exterior, monterrey14.jpg (175163 bytes)


Art Deco block, Monterrey, Mexico, exterior, monterrey11.jpg (169500 bytes)

Art Deco shop building, Monterry, Mexico, exterior view. monterrey16.jpg (172117 bytes)

Art Deco shop facade, Monterrey, Mexico, exterior, monterrey17.jpg (145413 bytes)

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