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Private Housing Only a few private houses were built in non-traditional styles, usually in a rather plain deco style, with white facades, steel windows but with plain glass, not etched or stained glass as one finds in Belgium, for example, to relieve the plain look. These flat roof houses have often been altered, due to continuing difficulties with flat concrete roofs in our rather wet climate. The most interesting inter-war housing tends to be in clusters. On the north side of Dublin, near Clontarf, there are several clusters of flat roof semi-detached or detached houses.

In particular, early international style houses at Kincora Road and on the seafront at Dollymount.

In the now rather posh area of Mount Merrion, there are some more conventionally roofed but distinctly thirties looking houses and even a few with flat roofs. Mount Merrion.

There are some more in Foxrock. Foxrock houses.

One-off houses in the international style include Wendon (Balnagowan) in Glasnevin, Dublin, now used as offices, Geragh (1938 ) by Michael Scott for his own use. Electra (date unknown) in Clonskeagh. Electra,
  • A spectacular seaside house dating from 1936 in Co. Wexford called "The White House " was on the market in 1999 and there are some in Limerick also. There are also a few moderne houses in Dundalk - Dundalk moderne

    Corporation Flats, Dublin

    Public Housing
    Local authorities outside Dublin built little on a large scale and then not in a deco manner. Most public housing was in small scale house building schemes, done in a traditional style. Cottage style in the country. Terrace housing in the towns. In the 1930's, Dublin which had some of the worst housing stock in Europe, began to replace tenaments with city-centre flats. Limerick and Cork rejected the option of apartment building.

    In Dublin, where the City Housing Architect H A Simms was attracted by Deco and Dutch styles for apartment complexes, some distinguished work was done. Simms liked working in brick but there are also examples in concrete carried out under his direction.

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